Election (fix) Update – Dark Legacy

Updated at Flyby News
06 November, 2012
8:00 AM EST

07 Nov. 2012 – Note on U.S. Presidential Election:
The forces in power care most about having a united front,
more than an occasional coup d’etat by those desperate and
powerful enough to pull off such an event and cover-up;
meanwhile abuses from the 9-11 false flag op. continue.

05 November, 2012 – Salon – Brad Friedman
Is the GOP stealing Ohio?

05 November, 2012 – Truthout – Ben Ptashnik
Why Democrats and Media
Deny Election Rigging

07 November, 2012 – Underground – Mark Crispin Miller
Score one (at last) for the
Election Integrity movement!

31 October, 2012 – Youtube – AlienScientist
9/11 Conspiracy Solved:
Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!

25 October, 2012 – GCTV – Flyby News
Dark Legacy: JFK & 9/11
Short Version – 58 minutes – Online Film

31 October, 2012 – Toldedo – Greg Palast
UAW Files Charges Against Romney
on his Auto Bail-out Profiteering

“Marcus Cicero, over 2000 years ago, defined freedom
as participation in power. If you don’t participate in power,
you are not free. Whoever has the power owns you. If you
want to be free you have to participate in power..”

– U.S. Senator Mike Gravel
(D-Alaska, 1969-1981)

Dark Legacy – JFK & 9-11

Part 1 – running time – 0:56:00
(Sept. 11, Star Trek, Lyn Margulis, Wellstone)

Part 2 – running time – 1:28:00

(JFK, Fed. Reserve, Lunar Lunacy, Democracy)

Short Version58 minutesOnline Film

Dark Legacy: JFK & 9/11
Subjects of parts 1 and 2 reversed

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