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November 8, 2012 –

Just posted on Facebook.. and wanted to share here, too..

After four days with no electricity from Sandy.. I realized how I wanted to distract myself from time to time.. and with no electricity.. the quiet deepens one.. I got to play my harmonica, meditate.. use the daylight.. and sleep into the night.. my place is set up for no electricity.. warmed by wood heat.. near a brook.. and gas stove.. i think working towards being flexible and self-sustaining as much as possible is a good idea. Anyway, after not going to a movie in years, last week I saw a movie connecting reincarnation, past, present, future lives … a film called Cloud Atlas. I recommend watching it. Here’s a link to get to the trailer.. the film is long.. full of imagination and art.. intense and expansive.. definitely a great movie.. and the light still shines.. 🙂 somewhere over a rainbow.

For a Youtube link to watch the trailer for the film, see:

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Regarding 2012 U.S. Presidential Election:

The forces in power care most about having a united front,
more than an occasional coup d’etat by those desperate and
powerful enough to pull off such an event and cover-up;
meanwhile abuses from the 9-11 false flag op. continue.

07 November, 2012 – Underground – Mark Crispin Miller
Score one (at last) for the
Election Integrity movement!

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