JFK Assassination 1963 Coup d’état

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Editor – Jonathan Mark
Initially posted 21 November, 2013 – Updated

“The great enemy of the truth
is very often not the lie,

deliberate, contrived and dishonest,
but the myth,
persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.”

– President John F. Kennedy


Editor’s Notes: When I was twelve in 1963 life seemed full of adventure, fantasy, promise. It was scary, too. The “Duck and Cover” drills certainly brought that point home. The nuclear age was a shadow upon us, and used by the military industrial complex to disengage from principles about freedom and democracy for ‘national security interest.’ Thus intelligence agencies were given dark powers with no oversight. Such actions used Operation Paper Clip to recruit Nazis into U.S. intelligence. Such a shadow became a gradual takeover of government, energy, media, education, health, food, people. When Kennedy was killed there was no Internet. Your only source of information was television and radio. We were told there was only a lone gunman, and a shadow government took over our Republic.

George Orwell]s book, “1984” was required reading for school. It helped me to imagine what it may be like under “Communism.” Though later when we deepen our research toward truth, we find 1984 existed trough our entire lives. Lord Acton said, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Newspeak and doublespeak, the thought police is everywhere. To be free minded one must even question did men play golf on the moon all those years ago? Why can’t they do it today? Is it too much of a “Conspiracy” to repeat claims over half a Century ago?

So the Vietnam War expanded, other coup operations happened in Countries  not serving in our interests. President Dwight D. Eisenhower said in his farewell address or warning to the American people: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.. It appears that the Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media. So the coup in 1963 was a complete breakdown, even still holding back files from a Congressional Committee that came to the conclusion most likely almost definitely there was a conspiracy..

“He who learns must suffer
And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget
Falls drop by drop upon the heart,
And in our own despair, against our will,
Comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.”

— Agamemnon

Above was quoted by Robert F Kennedy in his speech announcing the
assassination of Martin Luther King on 4 April 1968; and the epitaph
his family inscribed on his grave marker in Arlington National Cemetery.

09 May, 2023 – YT 0:04:47 – Jimmy Dore

JFK - Nov 22 - gctv -

A commemoration on the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination happened at the Greenfield Community Television studio. It has a running time of two hours and twenty-eight minutes. Greenfield Community Television has posted it online,’ and it is also on youtube. This program included film clips, live presentations, music, poetry, and audience participation. It begins with a two-minute public service announcement. The following two paragraphs’ transcript was accompanied by Philippe Guy Simone’s narration and Bob Marley’s music, Redemption Song:

“Every once in a while a Generation has a chance to look back and reflect as to the state of the world. This November 22nd offers such an opportunity; it will be 50 years since the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy. Most Americans don’t believe in the Warren Commission Report. What do you think? Was there a military coup d’etat fifty years ago and a cover-up to this day?

On the eve of the anniversary, a documentary by John Hankey, “Dark Legacy – George Bush and the Murder of John F. Kennedy” was shown at the Garden Cinema in Greenfield, MA. This film was key for Flyby News 2012 video compilation for deprogramming our minds, Dark Legacy – JFK and 9-11.

“Too many of us think it [Peace] is impossible…
But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It
leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable..
We need not accept that view. Our problems are
man-made. Therefore they can be solved by man.”

-US President John F. Kennedy

06 May, 2023 – YT 2:01:46 – Podcast
Presidential Candidate R. F. Kennedy Jr.
in conversation on U.S. foreign + policies

Updated JFK  Resources

16 December, 2022 – YT 7:28 – Tucker Carlson
CIA’s Role in the JFK Assassination

05 June, 2022 – Flyby News – Jonathan Mark
Resisting Medical Tyranny Over Decades

31 July, 2021 – Paris Match – Olivier O’Mahony
Oliver Stone: “It was the CIA that shot Kennedy”
Published 02 August, 2021 by Kennedys&King with translation via Bill Simpich.

Oliver Stone revisits JFK

Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA,
and Rise of America’s Secret Government

By David Talbot

1 April, 2021 – Space 4 Peace – Bruce Gagnon
Book review: The real story about fascist America

22 November, 2020 – Global Research – Edward Curtin
Unspeakable Memories: The Day John Kennedy Died

02 May, 2020 – Youtube 0:11:18 – Valuetainment
JFK Assassination – Robert Kennedy Jr.
Reveals His Investigation Of The Case

RFK jr about dad and uncle's assassinations

22 March, 2022 – YouTube 1:45:11 – Megyn Kelly
The JFK Assassination . . . His Marriage
Robert F. Kennedy Jr Interview, Part 2

17 September, 2018 – CMC – Youtube – 0:55:52
The Italian undercover CIA-Mossad
station and the assassination of JFK

June, 2018 – Skyhorse Publishing – Major Ganis
The Skorzeny Papers
Evidence for the Plot to Kill JFK

30 October, 2017 – Consortium News – Ray McGovern
Deep State’s JFK Triumph Over Trump

16 November, 2017 – Facebook – Oliver Stone
Thoughts on the JFK Files

27 October, 2017 – Flyby News – Jonathan Mark
JFK Files – Trump trumped by CIA

October, 2017 – Mary Ferrell Foundation – Rex Bradford
What Happened Thursday with the JFK Records

26 October, 2017 – Archives.gov
JFK Assassination Records – 2017
Additional Documents Release

27 October, 2017 – Washington Post
The latest revelations from the JFK assassination records

22 November, 2016 – Free Thought Project – Matt Agorist
53 Years After JFK Assassination, the CIA
Admits Conspiracy Theory is Actually FACT

08 October, 2015 – Flyby News – Jonathan Mark
Litmus Tests for Truth & Transformation

2013 – Agora Productions – Morgan Freeman
JFK: A President Betrayed
Film that ‘uncovers new evidence that reveals how
President John F. Kennedy boldly reversed deeply
entrenched pro-war government policy to embark on
secret back-channel peace efforts with Russian President
Nikita Khrushchev, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and other
“enemies” of the United States. The film raises many
questions as to whom his real enemies were.’

Watch on Youtube ~ 01:54:00

It is important to look back as we look ahead
and not get lost in the fake present created by
those crimes in our past, Orwell wrote in 1984,
“He who controls the past controls the future.
He who controls the present controls the past.”

Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate
the day when this planet may no longer be habitable.
Every man, woman, and child lives under a nuclear
sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of
threads, capable of being cut at any moment
by accident or miscalculation or madness.

– John F. Kennedy

Excerpt from speeches to UN and Media

Including Trailer ~ Dark Legacy – JFK & 9-11

George Bush and the Murder of John Kennedy

“Provocative to say the least. Using materials familiar to researchers,
Dark Legacy makes a series of tantalizing connections between the rich
and powerful to suggest that Kennedy was brought down by a vast web of
powerful conservatives and that George H.W.Bush was close to all of them.
Hankey invites viewers not only to draw their own conclusions but also
to check out his sources.” — Kevin Thomas Los Angeles Times


February, 2011 – Youtube – Jonathan Mark
President John F. Kennedy
Excerpt from speeches to UN and Media

Flyby News – Videos – GCTV
Ten programs available Online
Look for “Flyby News” in Playlist!

13 January, 2013 – ABC News – Youtube
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Does Not Agree
[that] Lee Harvey Oswald Acted Alone

12 January, 2013 – AP – USA Today
RFK children speak about JFK assassination

19 September, 2013 – Newsmax
Jerome Corsi: LBJ Knew About and
Supported JFK’s Assassination

Potomac Books – 2005 – Joan Mellon
A Farewell to Justice
Jim Garrison, JFK’s Assassination, and
the Case That Should Have Changed History

29 April, 2013 – Youtube – 08:41
James Douglass – JFK and the Unspeakable
Why He Died and Why It Matters

16 June, 2013 – DeceptionsUSA.com – Youtube
Mary’s Mosaic: Book Trailer

Mary's Mosaic.indd

Skyhorse Publishing – 2012 – Peter Janney
Mary’s Mosaic
The C.I.A. Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy,
Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace

04 April, 2013 – Amazon – Jonathan Mark
A Review – Mary’s Mosaic

01 April, 2012 – Amazon – Douglas
A Masterpiece of Biography and
a Mesmerizing Detective Story

11 April, 2013 – Youtube – Boston Globe
Author claims CIA plotted to kill JFK’s mistress
0:03:46 running time

11 April, 2013 – Youtube – Jonathan Mark
Peter Janney Mary’s Mosaic Interview
29-minute running time

11 April, 2013 – NCTV – Flyby News
Peter Janney – Mary’s Mosaic – Presentation
58-minute running time

20 November, 2012 – Youtube – 0:03:45
The Pentagon, The CIA, Vietnam and JFK
Kennedy knew a coup was coming
“If the United States ever experiences an attempted coup
to overthrow the government it will come from the CIA.
The Agency represents tremendous power and total
unaccountability to anyone.”

The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone
of any significance in the major media.

– William Colby,
former CIA Director
quoted by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy
The CIA and the Media

The assassination team
07 April, 2014 – Youtube – Mike Lopez
Ed Opperman Interviews Ole Dammegard

22 November, 2013 – GCTV Video – FlybyNews
JFK 50th Anniversary and Commemoration
A community event ~ 2:28:00 running time
Also on Youtube!

20 November, 2013 – Rolling Stone – RFK, Jr.
John Kennedy’s Vision of Peace
On the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death,
his nephew recalls the fallen president’s
attempts to halt the war machine

JFK Vigil – Youtube – 0:22:49 – Karl Golovin
JFK Vigil – Operation Nutcracker – 5/29/14
May 29 – JFK’s birthday

23 December, 2013 – Common Dreams – Ray McGovern
‘The Only Thing We Have to Fear…’ is the CIA
President Truman’s true warning on the CIA

26 May, 2018 – Raw Story – Bob Brigham
Robert Kennedy Jr. Doesn’t Believe ‘Official
Story’ About His Father’s Assassination —
and Wants a New Investigation

05 June, 2018 – Bart Sibrel, Joseph McBride, Ernst Lubitsch
RFK Assassination 50 Years Later (Video)

02 December, 2013 – The President and Provocateur – Alex Cox
The Sixth Decade begins…

22 November, 2013 – Pacifica Radio – Project Censored
Key Issues in the Assassination
of President John F. Kennedy

21 November, 2013 – Forbes – Mary Claire Kendall
JFK’s Assassination, 50 Years
Later: A Still Unfolding Mystery

22 November, 2013 – RSN – Carl Gibson
16 Mind-Blowing Facts About
Who Really Killed JFK

11 November, 2013 – Youtube – 0:02:00
JFK – Commemoration Events – PSA
November 22, 21; Greenfield, MA

21 November, 2013 – Greenfield Garden Cinemas – FN

Dark Legacy – JFK and FED

Federal Reserve – 100 – Dec. 23rd

What did his assassination mean to you?

22 November, 2013 – WRSI – Monte Belmonte
JFK: The Last American President?

15 November, 2013 – Blog Radio – Podcast – 0:59:15
Ruthann Amarteifio Interviews Jonathan Mark

25 November, 2013 – NoLiesRadio – Satyagraha 9/11
Pamela Senzee interviews Jonathan Mark

Fall, 2013 – Green Living Journal – Stephen Morris
The Day the World Turned Upside Down

06 November, 2013 – Salon – David Talbot
JFK assassination: CIA and
NY Times are still lying to us

Fifty years later, a complicit media still covers up
for security state. We need to reclaim our history!

Fall, 2013 – Tikkun – Peter Gabel
The Spiritual Truth of JFK
(As Movie and Reality)

05 November, 2013 – Democracy Now – War and Peace
Oliver Stone on 50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination
& the Untold History of the United States

05 November, 2013
Oliver Stone on His Next Project, a Martin
Luther King Jr. Biopic With Jamie Foxx

15 August, 2013 – Jeffersonian – Nick Anez
JFK and the Unspeakable: (A review)
Why He Died and Why It Matters
On the book by James W. Douglass

JFK and the Unspeakable
– The Graphic Adaptation –

Awesome trailer for a beautiful, meaningful
adaptation of James Douglass wonderful work..
‘why he died and why it matters.’

04 October, 2013 – RT – Abby Martin
Jesse Ventura Breaks the Set
on JFK Conspiracy, and Running
with Howard Stern for President

30 March, 2013 – Veterans Today – Richard Hooke
Did George H.W. Bush
Coordinate a JFK Hit Team?

16 November, 2011 – Veterans Today – Jim Fetzer & John Hankey
Was George H.W. Bush Involved
in Assassination of JFK?

04 October, 2013 – Veterans Today – Ole Dammegard
Unexpected links in the murders of
JFK, John Lennon and Olof Palme

Unique book blasts away decades of lies..
JFK Grassy Knoll Shooter James Files
with Pamela Ray Interview

JFK Murder Solved?
Is James Files telling the truth?

17 May, 2013 – WantToKnow.info – Fred Burks
John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy
US Congress Report: Kennedy Assassination Was Conspiracy

30 October, 2013 – Richard Charnin
JFK Witness Deaths:
Graphical Proof of a Conspiracy

08 November, 2013 – Richard Charnin
JFK Witness Deaths: How many Accidents,
Suicides and Natural Deaths were Homicides?

18 October, 2013 – WantToKnow – Fred Burks
John F. Kennedy Assassination Videos

09 October, 2013 – Youtube – Jeff Rense
Operation 40 & The JFK Assassination
Part 1 of 4 – Ole Dammegård about Operation 40 –
(founded by Eisenhower, with George “Deep Throat”
Bush heavily involved) was behind the assassination
of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, John Lennon, Martin Luther King,
Che Guevara, Salvador Allende, Olof Palme and Pablo Neruda,
and behind the sinking of the MS Estonia, and Watergate Affair.

Part 2 of 4, Part 3 of 4, Part 4 of 4

22 November 2014 – WarIsCrime – Francis Richard Conolly
Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick
The Documentary
Watch on Youtube – 3:27:55
Posted 19 November, 2014

11 November, 2015 – CoastToCoast – Robert Morningstar
Post-Mortem X-Ray of
JFK’s Brain Was Faked!

09 November, 2015 – Who What Why – Russ Baker
The Poppy Cover-Up Book?

31 August, 2013 – Project Unspeakable – Leslie Sullivan Sachs
Obama, the CIA and
the Unspeakable

18 August, 2010 – Info Wars – Wayne Madsen
Barack Obama conclusively
outed as CIA creation

02 December, 2009 – Flyby News – Jonathan Mark
abomination obama nation

16 April, 2013 – Youtube – Flyby News
JFK and The FED
Running time – 28 minutes

Updated – Flyby News – WordPress
Apocalypse and lifting of veil
JFK & 9-11

“The truth will set you free,
but first it will make you miserable.”

– James A. Garfield

10 January 2004 – ICH – Michael Hasty
Paranoid Shift

Space for Peace and September 11
Connecting dots to democracy or genocide

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold
gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will
seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

– Dresden James

Updated – FN – WordPress
Moon landing Hoax

Flyby News updated archival resource:
Reclaiming A Lost USA Republic

7 May, 2013 – Viewpoint – Youtube 0:08:36
UFO Cover-up Fmr. Sen. Mike Gravel speaks out
Flyby News updated resource:
Credible Witness – UFO/ET – Testimony

15 July, 2013 – Flyby News – WordPress
Deciphering the distant past
by Bart Jordan ~ originally published, 1974

The BIG Surprise
out of the
Cassini-Earth flyby

02 June, 2008 – Voice Yourself – Video – 0:03:06
Woody Harrelson: Thoughts From Within

“When I despair, I remember that all through history,
the way of truth and love has always won. There have
been murderers and tyrants, and for a time they can
seem invincible. But in the end they always fall.
Think of it, always.”

– Mohandas Gandhi


For more quotations, and poetry:

Life Rhythms poetry blog

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