Update: JFK Coup d’etat 50, What’s Next?


When fascism comes to America, it will
come wrapped in an American flag

– Huey P. Long

Flyby News
Editor – Jonathan Mark
11 December, 2013 – Update: Coup d’etat 50, What’s Next?

Editor’s Notes: I hope you will be able to watch the 50th anniversary and commemoration event in Greenfield MA. It is now also posted on Youtube. Also updated under critical news and events is an important article by Larry Pinkney, Barack Obama’s de facto totalitarian nation. I was fortunate to be on radio with Larry Pinkney and Phil Restino on 18 November. Here is an MP3 link.


09 December, 2013 – Intrepid Report – Larry Pinkney
Barack Obama’s de facto
totalitarian nation

09 December, 2013 – The Agonist – Michael Collins
Seymour Hersh, Sarin, and the
Obama Deception on Syria WMD

08 December, 2013 – emptywheel
Sy Hersh Writing about Politicized
Intelligence Again, Syria Edition

Seymour Hersh on Democracy Now! December 9

30 August & Updated – WP – FlybyNews
Syria and false flag operations

05 December, 2013 – Newsweek Staff
Mandela in 2002:
‘America Is a Threat to World Peace’

08 December, 2013 – RT – Pepe Escobar
The hijacking of Mandela’s legacy

06 December, 2013 – Flyby News – WordPress
Leonard Peltier‘s Statement on
the passing of Nelson Mandela

04 December, 2013 – RSN – Rolling Stone – Janet Reitman
Snowden and Greenwald: The
Men Who Leaked the Secrets

08 December, 2013 – DigWithin – Kevin Ryan
How to Debunk WTC Thermite

03 December, 2013 – Mainichi – Fukushima
Radiation 36,000 times permissible level
found in water at Fukushima plant

29 November, 2013 – Paul Craig Roberts
The Money Changers Serenade:
A New Plot Hatches

22 November, 2013 – GCTV Video – FlybyNews
JFK 50th Anniversary and Commemoration
A community event ~ 2:28:00 running time
Also on Youtube!

Updated – November, 2013 – WordPress – FlybyNews
JFK Coup d’etat 50, FED 100

20 November, 2013 – Rolling Stone – RFK, Jr.
John Kennedy’s Vision of Peace
On the 50th anniversary of JFK’s death,
his nephew recalls the fallen president’s
attempts to halt the war machine

22 November, 2013 – Pacifica Radio – Project Censored
Key Issues in the Assassination
of President John F. Kennedy

21 November, 2013 – Forbes – Mary Claire Kendall
JFK’s Assassination, 50 Years
Later: A Still Unfolding Mystery

Dark Legacy – JFK & 9-11

Download Press Release
Dark Legacy – JFK and 9-11
(short version) – PDF file

Long Version – Watch Online
Part 1 – running time – 0:56:00
Part 2 – running time – 1:28:00

03 December, 2012 – Youtube – Duration: 6:22
Dark Legacy Trailer music-video

“The worst of all deceptions is self-deception.”

— Plato
(429-347 BC)

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