Van Allen belts research, Moon, and A-Bombs


NASA’s Van Allen Probes reveal a new radiation belt around Earth

February 28, 2013

NASA’s Van Allen Probes mission has discovered a previously unknown third radiation belt around Earth, revealing the existence of unexpected structures and processes within these hazardous regions of space.

Finally, some research work on the belts that keep our atmosphere intact, protected from solar radiation storms. This would have been the first step if man wanted to go to the moon, and why Russia has never claimed to have sent anyone through those belts, and why the US claims for a moon landing was most likely disingenuous.

‘In 1964, a U.S atomic bomb blast in the Van Allen belts surrounding the earth almost permanently ended the U.S. space program, according to retired Gen. Ken Hannegan of the Defense Nuclear Agency. Hannegan spoke recently with United Press International.‘ Perhaps it did, at least a civilian space program with scientific integrity.

In the film, What Happened On The Moon in part 2 on Radiation, a scientist believed that it was such atomic bomb test blasts that created the third radiation belt that was claimed to be 3 times more intense than the original belts.

Youtube – 3:39:48
What Happened on the Moon
RadiationYoutube – 1:29:45
What Happened on the Moon
Radiation – Part 2Environmental Dangers

04 December, 2014 – Sleuth Journal – Bart Sibrel
What is the REAL Purpose of the Orion Mission?

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Earth’s Radiation Belt

California Academy of Sciences

05 January, 2015 – Astronomy Magazine – Eric Betz
Earth’s Van Allen belts still offering up surprises

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Evidence of fraud, US 1969-1972 lunar missions


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