Stop the Pipeline – Referendum in Mass

This page is for considering a Referendum Vote Initiative to stop new large infrastructure projects for fossil fuels, such as the Northeast expansion pipeline proposal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts during the November, 2018 Election.

The initiative process is established by Amendment Article 48 of the Massachusetts Constitution as a way for citizens to propose laws and constitutional amendments for approval by the electorate.

A vote in Massachusetts can turn the situation around. Citizens have the right to protect their environment. There are current technologies available using renewable fuels that will serve us much better. The steps we take now will create our future.

There is also a group on Facebook.


15 March, 2015 – Youtube – 0:37:30 + 20:30
Beyond Moss Brook
No Fracking Way!
Bart Jordan Timesinger

More info on WordPress & also view
Via Greenfield Community Television

Sequence 02.Still005

19 December, 2014 – Democracy Now!
New York Says No to Fracking:
. . Following Grassroots Outcry
over Public Health

18 December, 2014 – Boston Globe – Andrew Ba Tran
Where communities have banned fracking

Campaign to explore Referendum in Mass

16 November, 2014 – Truthout
Fed Up With FERC: The People Declare
Greed “Not in the Public Interest”

No Fracking Way and FN(1)15 June, 2014 – Youtube
Moss Brook and TGP
No Fracking Way!

Produced through the facilities of
Greenfield Community Television

GCTV Feature Short – 0:05:00
A Man And His Land
Also posted on Youtube

8 December, 2014 – NHPR
Kinder Morgan Officially Moves
Preferred Pipeline Route To N.H.

NED2-TownsAug., 2014 – Youtube – Climate Summer
No Need for the TGP
Northeast Energy Direct

04 October, 2012 – Youtube – RealEconTV
The Shale Gas Shell Game
Short sighted, short lived wells

07 January, 2016 – Democracy Now! – War and Peace
TransCanada Sues the U.S. for $15B
for Rejecting Keystone XL.

Will This Be the New Normal Under TPP?

31 December, 2015 – Democracy Now! – War and Peace
Exxon’s Climate Cover-Up Just Got Bigger:
Docs Suggest All Major Oil Giants
Have Lied Since 1970s

27 December, 2015 – Daily Kos – xaxnar
The Ongoing Environmental Disaster
Currently Not Making The Headlines

28 December, 2015 – Common Dreams – Deirdre Fulton
Climate Change. Extreme Weather
Wreaking Havoc Across Globe

27 December, 2014 – Salon – Rebecca Solnit
The Age of Capitalism is over
Rebecca Solnit assesses our poisonous
fossil fuel dependency — and why we’re
on the verge of a paradigm shift

“The most common way people give up their

power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

– Alice Walker

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Another ballot question considered for 2016 in Massachusetts:

This page is updated..

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11 Responses to Stop the Pipeline – Referendum in Mass

  1. flybynews says:

    From Josh Fox, filmmaker of Gasland – Re: B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G
    New York Will Ban Fracking

    Friends- We win in New York! I repeat, we win a BAN on fracking in New York State. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s health commissions says fracking cannot be done safely and no fracking will happen in NY until the industry proves that fracking is safe. Which they can’t, because it isn’t. The burden of proof is now on the gas industry, that’s quite a reversal. That’s a ban. This is a huge win for our movement and it is a huge win for science itself, because it was the science that proved what we’ve been saying for more than 7 years.

    If it was not for our movement there would not have been any science on the subject. It was citizen pressure that woke up the world- a world made up of town meetings, grassroots activism, scientists, artists, activists, and just plain regular folks. When I first set out to make GASLAND in 2008, there was very little science on fracking at all. And yet people like John Fenton in Wyoming, Calvin Tillman and Sharon Wilson in Texas, the Ely and Gee Families in Pennsylvania kept pushing. They said there’s something wrong with our water. There’s something wrong with our air. We need science to come in and tell us we’re not going crazy. Science told them today in New York that they’re not only sane, but their voices are on the side of justice and change. Physicians Scientists & Engineers for Healthy Energy released a working paper analysis, statistical evaluation of the approximately 400 peer-reviewed studies to date on the impacts of shale gas development. In short, they examined what percentage of papers indicated risk/adverse impacts versus no indication of risk.

    Key highlights include:
    -96% of all papers on health indicate risks/adverse health outcomes.
    -95% of all original research studies on air quality indicate elevated concentrations of air pollutants.
    -72% of original research studies on water quality indicate contamination
    -And there is a recent explosion in the number of peer-reviewed publications, with approximately 73% of all available peer-reviewed papers published in the past 24 months and a current average of one paper published each day.

    I’m emerging from five days in the Peruvian Amazon shooting for my new film on Climate Change. I just spent three days deeps in the jungle filming two horrific oil spills. This entire section of the Amazon River is considered an environmental disaster zone. As a river basin person myself living in the Delaware river basin, it is excruciating to see the spoiled fisheries, the communities devastated by drilling and pipelines. It’s a horrifying situation that should not be visited upon anyone on earth. The victory in New York should be a major turning point in our movement. We will continue to fight and we will continue to win.

    This year Denton, Texas, the birthplace of fracking banned fracking by popular vote. Now New York. We keep racking up wins. But we cannot let up the pressure. We can’t site back and relax. No way. We must fight for the transition to renewable energy- the real energy independence. The real ban on fracking is when we replace the fuels. It is communities like the ones here in Peru and the ones in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas- indeed all across the map, that will continue to suffer until we do. But we can make it happen.

    We’re the anti-fracking movement. We win. That’s what we do. We’re relentless. We stop at nothing. We will continue to fight and we will continue to win. But we can all rejoice. This is as big as it gets. We just sent an uncompromising message across the whole wide world. Movements work Celebrate.

    Congratulations and much much love,

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  4. flybynews says:

    Re: “Stop the Pipeline – Referendum in Mass”
    The Green Fields Market
    144 Main Street; Greenfield, MA; Upstairs
    Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 5:00 PM

    Originally the date was planned for this meeting a week from next Tuesday. However due to strong interest and a community room available for us on Thursday, January 15; we plan on meeting there, upstairs at Green Fields Market at 5:00 PM.

    Following is a draft for proposed agenda. Jonathan Mark will facilitate (unless we have consensus to select another facilitator). 1. What is a Referendum Initiative and how can that help to stop the NED pipeline? (15-30 minutes) 2. What are the downsides for supporting such an initiative. (5 minutes). 3. Decide on forming a Committee agreed by those by consensus or near consensus to develop a) the language for the ballot referendum question, which will describe its purpose for such a state vote in November, 2016. 2. Analyze if the question would be registered by the AG office. 3. And to analyze should eminent domain take place, will the referendum initiative campaign be a positive force in a peoples’ blockade to stop such a short sighted and dangerous new infrastructure project for a temporary fuel that harms water and air.. 4. Analyze if with volunteers and/or financial support, will we be able to meet the criteria for successfully getting the Question on the ballot. 5. This group could use a majority decision making process for broadening our possible success.. but should maintain near consensus for deciding to add new members to primary Committee group. Finding unity and knowing our human rights are key to empower us to protect our environment. This campaign would take us going beyond our local regions to educate people across our Commonwealth in sharing information on why fracking is a scam, shortsighted, and not in our and world’s best interest.. Investment in solar and wind energy technologies would serve much better, now, more than ever..

    Comments always appreciated.. and spreading word on a grassroots peoples movement and human-nature rights.. thank you for all efforts..

    • says:

      Please keep the StopThePipeline/Bolton group updated on your referendum progress

    • flybynews says:

      We had a successful first meeting on January 15, 2015 and we will be working on 3 focus committees before our next public meeting that has been scheduled for Thursday, February 26, 5:30PM in the Community Room upstairs at Green Fields Market. All members of our group can accept new core members, each with a vote, by near Consensus at our monthly meetings.

  5. flybynews says:

    So far I have heard no good reason not to get this Referendum on the ballot for the 2016 election.. But I did get one response that also included other excellent actions to take. I don’t think Rich understands all involved and like many activists, they underestimate the potential of direct democracy initiatives over money-provided corporate campaigns – united.. the people are those with the 99% interests.. if we could reach out and explain the difference in our investing in renewable energy rather than those requiring harmful fossil fuel systems, the general public would understand and support the better investment for their lives and their children.

    This campaign takes little away from all the work going into stopping Northeast Direct. Nevertheless in my opinion it offers the best chance for enabling our accomplishing such an objective. All we need is to have 10 registered voters to register the Ballot Question by August at the Attorney General’s office. But the big stumbling block that we have not overcome yet creating the language that would propose MA banning large fossil fuel infrastructure projects.. and so far we have no legal support, funds, or volunteers to have petitions signed to get on the ballot from Sept thru Nov. 2015.. But we have some time.. 2015 could become Stop Pipeline Referendum Initiative No Gas (SPRING)!

    I have been sending inquiry letters for such support to Organizations such as the Audubon Society and the Sierra Club. I am still following up on such contacts and seeking to contact to other organizations. All are welcome to enable this idea to get better footing.

    Following is the reply about an announcement of our 26 February, 2015 meeting on the MassPlan list serve..

    [Original message had attachments]

    Re: [MassPLAN] Stop Pipeline meeting initiative this Thurs. 5:30 Gfld

    From: Rich [last name removed]
    Feb 23 at 12:50 PM
    To: me

    Dear Jonathan:

    Feel free to distribute at your meeting.
    i cannot get to western ma (90 minute drive) for a weekday meeting…

    a) considerable energy needs to be devoted between now and May to preventing the state DPUs from approving Kinder Morgan’s contracts with the utilities. Those contracts are governed by state law and the state actually has jurisdiction. See the attached for the schedule that Kinder Morgan released… they have filed with NH already and are expected to file with MA and CT very soon. I would not want any referendum effort to detract from this.

    b) if the contracts are approved by the DPU then the state — even by referendum — does not have jurisdiction over pipelines, the jurisdiction is federal. So a referendum could not prevent a pipeline…

    HOWEVER: The state facilities board should claim rights to siting a compression station.
    The natural gas act may not be able to force eminent domain for a compression station, this may be untested.AND: The state may be able to pass something about eminent domain which would strip the DPU of eminent domain powers it now has to site natural gas infrastructure. Eminent domain is winnable. Relevant statutes:

    just a vote on repealing this:
    may be winnable for instance.

    c) Big danger to putting a stop all infrastructure on the ballot because it would cause large sums of money to be spent to organize a pro-gas populist opposition. If that opposition is organized then it will be harder to conduct civil disobedience in the event that a pipeline is approved. Out in these parts of the state there is enormous support for maintaining existing pipelines. Worded as a general ban on infrastructure I can’t see it winning because utilities would argue it doesn’t even let them do maintenance. There may be room for a new provision that forces utilities to use existing infrastructure before seeking to build new infrastructure. That is more “winnable” but again even if you word it properly the opposition ads would characterize it as a blanket ban.

    thus a vote to strip the dpu of eminent domain power might be a better thing strategy-wise than a vote on banning pipelines which could backfire.

    Dracut, MA

    = = = = = =

    Jonathan’s note: Pipelines backfiring is my main concern, and KM’s by-passing any state regulators by making it a “national security interest” could become a problem and way that the federal eminent domain powers could come into play (based on corruption and geopolitical circumstances). Without we, the people, standing up and saying No Fracking Way! our homes and communities are under a great threat from pollution, accidents, and severe climate change.

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  8. flybynews says:

    Following is what I sent today to Conservation Law Foundation and Jim McGovern. Time is running short.. Any leads for an environmental attorney that could help us get a ballot question registered by August would be appreciated. It may be our best last chance to show this as a national and global issue, and rise up the people to stop from getting FERCed..



    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Jonathan Mark To: “” Cc: “” Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 4:22 PM Subject: Fw: We need an environmental lawyer for language to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure in Mass

    Dear CLF friends,

    I sent the following email to Congressman Jim McGovern today, and following that is a forwarded message to CLF of June 22nd. I am hoping for a miracle to get a question on the MA ballot to stop such new infrastructure as the proposed Kinder Morgan expansion in our commonwealth. With a citizens vote perhaps we can demand a transformation from fossil to clean renewable fuels.

    Thank You

    Jonathan Mark
    web site

    Dear Congressman Jim McGovern,

    Thank you again for meeting me in Orange and considering supporting a state referendum vote initiative to stop the threatening expansion for exporting-transporting natural (frack) gas. Kinder Morgan’s proposal and FERC’s past actions show a disregard for nature and humankind.

    I believe the only way (perhaps) to stop it is to get democracy back into the front door. Our referendum system poses such a possibility. Should FERC override a state popular vote (which I doubt), there would be a people’s resistance at our border to NY. . . I am writing you again for you help in finding an environmental lawyer that could help us register such a ballot question with the Attorney General, (by the first Wednesday in August, 2015).

    More on this is in the film I produced and gave you, “Beyond Moss Brook – No Fracking Way!” Also online at

    I never got a confirmation that you received my two previous letters. I was updating you on the Sierra Club not having an environmental lawyer in our Commonwealth. I contacted the Conservation Law Foundation, but have not received a response. (I plan to call later today.)

    I hope you are well.. and we have a very productive July to take actions back into the people’s hands for an energy policy that makes sense. I hope you can help.

    Thank You


  9. flybynews says:

    Subject: referendum.. not same as for a bottle bill

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Jonathan Mark To: Nqpipelineaction Cc: Digest Recipients ; Hilltown Community Rights ; “” Sent: Monday, July 6, 2015 9:48 AM Subject: referendum.. not same as for a bottle bill

    Yes we would be outspent.. and no.. it is not similar to the bottle bill where people were told that recycling efforts are going well and to keep prices down.. The vote too would also not take place until November 2016.. where it is possible people will vote to legalize the marijuana plant, and hopefully elect Bernie Sanders.. Yes.. it is possible for a transformation but not if we continue to protest what “they’ are doing.. those who make up all the rules.. and control courts and media.. and even if we don’t or do win the referendum to end (climate change) new fossil fuel infrastructure.. the education of why it impacts our whole Commonwealth, nation and world could go virile.. In any case when people say it will distract us from what we are now doing.. i simply shake my head.. and seeing how the process is now in motion with little hope of stopping it.. and it does not have to take away from all our efforts.. such a campaign could increase national support for our efforts to stop the northeast expansion of frack gas transport. We should do everything we can until that project is stopped. and stop playing into the mind control fear of big business, government, and media.. look what happened in Greece.. Enough is enough of this current insane energy pollution policy.. the people’s vote in my opinion is our best chance for stopping NED.

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