Fossil fuels dead end – Transformation +

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29 December, 2014 – Fossil fuels dead end – Transformation +

“As it happens, the planet’s changing climate
now demands that we summon up the energy
to leave behind the Age of Fossil Fuel
(and maybe with it some portion of
the Age of Capitalism as well).”

Rebecca Solnit

Editor’s Notes: Flyby News perspective is broadening from our not so humble beginnings to stop the Cassini flyby and reverse the arms race. Following the events of 9-11 our attention had to focus on a deepening darker side to shine the light on the truth of great deception and betrayal. Now Black Operations have their dirty fingerprints on deals that have supported a record Opium production in US-invaded Afghanistan, accounting for about 90 percent of the world’s supply. Such funds can enable black operations to go on with no oversight or responsibility of the harm created. Wars are also about resources, pipelines, fossil fuels, nuclear energy-weapons. The commitment for sustaining life is being sacrificed by mind control comfort and delusions of grandeur. No Dorothy, this is not Kansas and man faked landing and launching off the moon all those years ago. This hard to believe reality will catch up to humankind someday.

Another element of suppression and discovery that Flyby News is highlighting is proof of technologically advanced civilizations in pre-ice-age times that had sent a code to share with their future, which is in our present from language and artifacts. Check the prior link for updates, background, and resources. Bart Jordan had deciphered measures from the Hellenic Greek, Basque, and Haidia language to pinpoint a five-sided pyramid and face at the Cydonia region on Mars for the NASA Viking 1 mission in 1976. This can be proven with an overlay of measures from the languages with the original Viking 1 photographs obtained by Harry Jordan. The time is coming soon for NASA to start being honest. A civilization requires truth to survive.

Following are updated links at, which also gets shared via google and facebook.The Rebecca Solnit article, “The Age of Capitalism is over” supports the argument that we can succeed in stopping new infrastructure for fossil fuels and transform our energy and health policies toward a sustainable direction.

Inspired by my efforts and interview with Senator Mike Gravel in 2011, and inspired by nature, protecting my community and home, I have launched an exploratory group to investigate stopping a fracked gas pipeline by a direct democracy initiative in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. With the big announcement on a ban of fracking in New York, new infrastructure for a dirty fuel contributing to climate change and poisoning water should remain in Mother Earth. There are better solutions than geopolitical fracking, continuing wars and pollution. We have technologies capable of converting energy directly from the sun and wind.

15 March, 2015 – Youtube – 0:37:30 + 20:30
Beyond Moss Brook
No Fracking Way!
Bart Jordan Timesinger

More info on WordPress & also view
Via Greenfield Community Television

16 June, 2014 – GCTV Feature Short – 0:05:00
A Man And His Land
Also posted on Youtube

8 December, 2014 – NHPR – Sam Evans-Brown
Kinder Morgan Officially Moves
Preferred Pipeline Route To N.H.

Through the heart of New England?
No Fracked Gas In Mass

NED2-Towns10 August, 2014 – Youtube – Climate Summer

No Need for the TGP
Northeast Energy Direct

18 December, 2014 – Boston Globe – Andrew Ba Tran
Where communities have banned fracking

04 October, 2012 – Youtube – RealEconTV
The Shale Gas Shell Game
Short sighted, short lived wells

27 December, 2014 – Salon – Rebecca Solnit
The Age of Capitalism is over
Rebecca Solnit assesses our poisonous
fossil fuel dependency — and why we’re
on the verge of a paradigm shift

10849956_10152688697178369_7242302811235808893_n16 December, 2014 – WordPress – Flyby News
Stop the Pipeline – Referendum in Mass

on Facebook too
Campaign to explore Referendum in Mass

“The most common way people give up their

power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

– Alice Walker


31 December, 2014 – Global Research – Rodrigue Tremblay
2015: “Year of the Militaristic Neocons”:
Looming Global Financial Crisis and Wars?

27 December, 2014 – Global Research – Larry Chin
False Flagging the World towards War.
The CIA Weaponizes Hollywood

23 December, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Lawrence Wilkerson
Ex-Bush Official: U.S. Tortured Prisoners to
Produce False Intel that Built Case for Iraq War

23 December, 2014
Bush & Cheney Should Be Charged with War Crimes
Says Col. Wilkerson, Former Aide to Colin Powell

23 December, 2014
Weaponizing Health Workers: How Medical Pros
Were a Top Instrument in U.S. Torture Program

23 December, 2014
“The War to Start All Wars”: Did US Invasion of
Panama 25 Years Ago Set Stage for Future Wars?

25 December, 2014
Saul Landau on the Cuban Revolution and How
the U.S. Directly Aided Anti-Castro Militants

25 December, 2014
René González, First Freed Member
of Cuban 5, Speaks Out from Havana

18 December, 2014 – The Japan Times
6 tons tainted water leak at Fukushima
No. 1 during Korean safety tour

17 December, 2014 – Global Research – Michel Chossudovsky
The Fukushima Endgame: The Radioactive
Contamination of the Pacific Ocean

19 December, 2014 – Global Research – Peter Koenig
Free Fall of the Ruble:
Who’s Behind it? A Ploy of
Russia’s Economic Wizards?
Whose Chess Game?

04 October, 2012 – Youtube – RealEconTV
The Shale Gas Shell Game
Short sighted, short lived wells

17 December, 2014 – Think Progress
New York Will Ban Fracking

18 December, 2014 – Boston Globe – Andrew Ba Tran
Where communities have banned fracking

16 December, 2014 – WordPress – Flyby News
Stop the Pipeline – Referendum in Mass
on Facebook too
Campaign to explore Referendum in Mass

Through the heart of New England?
No Fracked Gas In Mass

19 December, 2014 – Democracy Now!
New York Says No to Fracking:
. . Following Grassroots Outcry
over Public Health

16 December, 2014
Should Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld &
CIA Officials Be Tried for Torture?

War Crimes Case Filed in Germany

16 December, 2014 – Democracy Now! – War and Peace
Mike Gravel to Senator Mark Udall:
Make Full Torture Probe Public
Like I Did with Pentagon Papers

02 December 2014 – Project Censored – Pacifica
An Interview with Peter Dale Scott

with Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips

Top 25 Most Censored Stories of 2013-2014

16 December 2014 – McClatchyDC – Jonathan S. Landay
Did CIA torture violate Nuremberg
ban on human experimentation?

09 December 2014 – ThinkProgress – CAP Action
The Torture Report
Senate Releases Damning Report
On CIA’s Use Of Torture After 9/11

12 December 2014 – Guardian – Rowena Mason, Ian Cobain
US hid UK links in CIA torture report
at request of British spy agencies

10 December, 2014 – Democracy Now! – War and Peace
“These Are Crimes”: New Calls
to Prosecute Bush Admin as Senate
Report Reveals Brutal CIA Torture

05 May 2006 – MSNBC – Youtube
Ray McGovern Confronts Rumsfeld

05 December, 2014 – Global Research – Michel Chossudovsky
America is on a “Hot War Footing”:
House Legislation Paves the Way
for War with Russia?

17 December, 2014 – Democracy Now! – William Bastone
“Witness 40”: Exposing A Fraud In Ferguson
Was Key Grand Jury Witness in Michael Brown
Case a Racist, Mentally Ill, Lying Ex-Felon?

04 December, 2014 – RT – Reuters
Congress gives Native American lands to
foreign mining company with new NDAA

December, 2014 – ICH – Mike Whitney
Ukraine War Driven by Gas-Dollar
Link Defending Dollar Imperialism

03 August, 2013 – Sleuth Journal
Joe Biden’s Son’s Company Prepares
To Drill Shale Gas In East Ukraine

04 December, 2014 – Sleuth Journal – Bart Sibrel
What is the REAL Purpose
of the Orion Mission?

26 February, 2014 – Flyby News – WordPress
Five years & Dark Legacy Apollo

27 October, 2014 – Volcania Radio – Richie Allen
Bart Sibrel: Moon landings faked
and Stanley Kubrick directed it

20 July, 2014 – Sleuth Journal – Bart Sibrel
45 Years Ago: Crappy Anniversary!
Did We Walk on the Moon
with 1960′s Technology?

18 August, 2014 – Flyby News – WordPress
15 years and the Cassini-Earth flyby

03 December, 2014 – Democracy Now! – War and Peace
A “Precise” U.S. Drone War?
New report finds U.S. drone strikes
kill 28 unidentified people for
every intended target

03 December, 2014
Peace Activist Faces Up to Two Years in Prison
for Protest at Drone Base Near Syracuse, NY

20 November, 2014 – Health Impact News
CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Does Not Work
Influenza Outbreak on Vaccinated Navy Ship

11 December, 2010 – SVT – Youtube – 0:50:55
The Wikileaks Documentary — Full Version

22 December, 2008 – Youtube – 0:05:00 – Resistance Video
The Art of Corporate Mind Control

01 November, 2014 – Digital Journal – Ralph Lopez
Tape release proves Israel’s attack
on USS Liberty was deliberate

31 October, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Eric Lichtblau
The Nazis Next Door: on How the CIA
& FBI Secretly Sheltered Nazi War Criminals

13 October 2010 – Veterans Today – L. Wolfe
Suppressed History: When Wall Street
Tried To Bring The Holocaust To America

24 October, 2014 – Youtube – Flyby News
September 11, 2014 Forum at GCTV
Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 plus 5
Interviews with Jonathan Mark – 1:36:05

23 October, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Amy Goodman
Citizenfour: Inside Story of NSA Leaker
Ed Snowden in New Film by Laura Poitras

23 October, 2014 Jeremy Scahill
Blackwater Execs Remain Free as Guards
Convicted for Killing 14 Iraqis in Massacre

17 October, 2014 – SilentCrowNews – Timothy Alexander Guzman
U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Out-
break in West Africa
: Liberian Scientist

16 October, 2014 – PressTV – Scott Rickard
Coordinated deceit
and destruction

across Iraq and Syria

14 October, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Amy Goodman
James Risen Prepared to “Pay Any Price”
to Report on War on Terror Amid
Crackdown on Whistleblowers

05 October, 2014 – WhoWhatWhy – Peter Dale Scott
The Hidden Government Group Linking
JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11

08 September, 2014 – CNN – Jake Tapper
28 pages of a 9/11 report
you can’t see

16 September, 2014 – CounterPunch – James Ridgeway
9/11: the Saudi Connection
The Bush Cover-Up Begins to Unravel?

05 October, 2014 – Global Research – Larry Chin
The Anglo-American Empire’s War of Conquest.
The War on the Islamic State (ISIL) is a Lie

There is no reasoning with an empire
waging a world war of deception

06 September, 2014 – Global Research – Julie Lévesque
Israel Steals Gaza’s Offshore Gas:
$15 Billion Deal with Jordan

18 September, 2014 – Impact Lab
$100B invested in wind or solar
will produce more energy than oil

A sunrise takes us by surprise

yet never delays its coming,

its turning, its yearning

to mix life with color

and turn on the crystal

ball of Earth.

Recent Issues:

October 18, 2014 – False Flags and Energy

August 18, 2014 – 15 years and the Cassini-Earth flyby

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Evidence of fraud, US 1969-1972 lunar missions

Energy Pollution’s Impact On Our Environment

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