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For the last 5 weeks Bart Jordan has not explained to Flyby News why he has postponed or canceled his plans to publish mathematical equations that he referenced in our last program recorded on 09 August, 2018 “Bart Jordan Manhattan Project NASA Whistleblower” 

Jordan had been preparing mathematical equations regarding DNA signature in the atomic bomb sequence and the warning on Mars in the Cydonia region. Those equations can also show a relationship with measures of Mars’ two satellites, Phobos and Deimos, (fear and terror), but also two daughters of Ares and Aphrodite (Mars and Venus) with the 5th moon of Uranus, Harmonia, (renamed by Kuiper Miranda) and a horse-bone shaped asteroid recorded around 2000 called Ainomrah, Harmonia spelled in other direction, which NASA identified as Kleopatra-216

Plus he was going to present where the abundance number for Plutonium 238 (universally accepted) came from. He also planned to present atomic weights, (more on his work on the Trinity Test), and the Scorpios formula, and show a deeper understanding of Pi and his information used by James Watson that was used to take credit away from an incredibly talented chemist and X-ray crystallographer whose work led to the discovery of DNA, Rosalind Franklin.

In addition Bart Jordan planned to review what he has already shared with two formulas saying the same thing numerically; one is shaped like a temple and the other one as an ax. The numbers reflect a warning for humankind about its extinction from war and weapons of mass destruction or its evolution to be in harmony with life. Evidently the knowing about the power of the atom is a blessing and the splitting of the atom bomb is an abuse of the light and breaking of the covenant. 

Bart Jordan has had attempts on his life and had his family threatened when he was only eight years old. Alfred Lee Loomis is the subject of the book called Tuxedo Park. It was he that Bart Jordan said made such a threat. Bart Jordan said Loomis was a founder of the Rand Corporation. After the Manhattan Project and devastation that happened in Japan, Jordan came to be a concert classical guitarist and studied under Andres Segovia. However he kept working with NASA and the US government to substantiate what ancient civilizations passed down through many ice ages.. He was sharing what the Manhattan Project scientists (or those controlling them) refused to listen to the importance of his work and the warning about war and abuse of light. Arrogance and ignorance knows no limit until it can be too late.

I had to re-examine Bart after this abrupt non-communication period, and after reviewing his work I came to the same conclusions as stated in the video produced in 2015, “A Flyby News Perspective on Bart Jordan.” 

So, knowing the resistance to a whistleblower revealing not just what has been covered up on Mars and about our ancient past, but also one that has spoken out about the obvious fraud or military psy-ops Apollo lunar 1969-1972 missions, I am not surprised this delay has happened. 

I still have received no other explanation for how the measures were derived that were published 1966 in the Encyclopedia Britannica showing the distances from Phobos and Deimos to Mars center in miles and kilometers. These are ancient measures related to monuments in the Cydonia region on Mars, which is called Signature Site 10 from the Hellenic translation. 

Mars has a very important message for humanity, and meanwhile truth in space is headed like a military blur toward our extinction.. Yet truth here is in our mutual best interest, so Flyby News will continue in all its campaigns.. Note if you review our site, look for the key resource topics listed near the top, and check through until under all the top images for updated news and events.

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Bart Jordan and Mars Viking 1

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Manhattan Project NASA Whistleblower
09 August 2018 Interview with Jonathan Mark

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