Apollo 11 anniversary critique

Those who are not aware of the Apollo lunar (military psy-ops) missions are either too prideful or scared to objectively consider the evidence of why there has been no repeat missions beyond low Earth orbit. NASA now claims it wants to do what failed in 2004 when President Bush Jr. administration received a billion dollars to reach the moon in 2020. The project was costly and they were not even close to accomplishing it, so it was canned by the Obama administration in 2010. This makes little sense when considering the 1960’s technology claimed to have been used to accomplish such a mission six times in 3 years. Now the Trump gimmick administration makes claim of wanting to go back to the moon to stay in five years. There is no chance of this happening from a monetary or technological viewpoint.

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The impact of television on current populations is massive. People can believe what they want to believe by only looking for what they want to see, mostly unaware how fear is influencing them. The blue and red camps are manipulated to fight one another. Meanwhile cities and towns are under siege by a corrupt immigration and criminal justice system, as well as from a climate feeling the impact of accumulating pollution since the industrial revolution and the excessive use of fossil fuels. This had brought our world to the point of heating oceans and atmosphere to create increasing climate disruption and hardship for most all life on Earth.

It will probably require decades longer to expose the lunar fake landings as humans do not have the ability to protect life beyond low Earth orbit. So while people ridicule those skeptical of NASA-Apollo claims one could ask those people about how many more decades of only manned missions in low Earth orbit will it take for their skepticism to arise. You will find reluctance to answer that question, which show they are focused on what they “want to believe” and not what is and to where the evidence leads.


Apollo 11 – One Hundred Year Anniversary Celebration! — Published by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

17 July, 2019 – tmatthewphillips – WordPress
Apollo 11 – One Hundred Year Anniversary Celebration!

For many it was a benign and pride-creating event, though the connection of all that was going on at the time of the launch in 1969 seems irrelevant for those influenced by media mind control. President Kennedy sought a collaboration with the USSR in going to the moon in 1963. He questioned the cost and difficulty of such a mission when the world was under so much turmoil. JFK planned to eliminate the uncontrolled growth of the “military industrial complex” – which we all were warned about from the farewell speech of President, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Following the November 22, 1963 JFK assassination the US foreign and domestic policies leaped ever further toward fascism. The US Constitution became hollow. Truth was under assault. Television enabled mass media distortions and like George Orwell’s 1984 story we got newspeak and “War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, and Ignorance Is Strength.”  Orwell introduced the concept of Doublethink, which allows the people of Oceania to live with constant contradictions in their lives.

There seems to be no short term solution in the post Cassini flyby era. August 18th will mark the 20th anniversary of independent news for life’s survival in the 21st Century. Flyby News (FN) came on board or actually Online when NASA conducted two flybys around Venus and came for an Earth flyby with plutonium on board travelling at record speeds. FN’s first goal was to keep weapons out of space. After 9-11-2001 Bush terminated the ABM Treaty and started the crusade for a space force. Nuclear weapons have increased and there seems no end to man’s folly for short term greed and fear to avoid or delay dealing with our reality for a future.

The truth about the fake moon missions, which they will continue to attempt to delay coming out, will eventually highlight the truth that man in this and especially in the last Century do not have the technology to protect life beyond low Earth orbit due to intense radiation exposure. This reality will eventually help expose what Ray McGovern refers to as MICIMATT (Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence-MEDIA-Academia-Think-Tank).

20 July, 2019 – Youtube – Bart Sibrel
Moon Landing Hoax in 3 Minutes

So at the risk of becoming annoyed with all the false hype on television this week, and all the fake staged images, and all the ignorant and often arrogant people, FN offers information to research what is true in space, and that is key for justice and peace. Such deceptions have been ongoing throughout our lives, and truth being taken away from our Civilization will surely lead us to the end or we will evolve. Truth will set us free.

2019 – FN FB Events – Gfld Library (MA)
What’s Up With The Moon Trips?


01 October, 2018 – Youtube – 0:30:00 – Flyby News
American Moon’s Massimo Mazzucco Interview


Massimo Mazzucco Films

American Moon

American Moon

Amazon DVD (3.5 hours) to purchase for the U.S.A.

For other Countries get it from Massimo Mazzucco’s site.

American Moon is now available on Vimeo On Demand


Aulis Film and TV Productions
What Really Happened on the Moon?


2001 Film by Bart Sibrel – Youtube – 47:58
A Funny Thing Happened
On The Way To The Moon

a funny thing

23 June, 2019 – Youtube 54:38 – VeritasRadio
Bart Sibrel on Veritas Radio


02 July, 2008 – Youtube 4:14 – frankmat
Thomas Baron and astronauts killed to keep Apollo program


28 March, 2018 – Youtube 8:54 – TheVedicObserver


Moon Truth – Updated Resource
NASA staff admits never leaving low Earth orbit yet


02 October 2018 – Youtube 0:45:29 – I-Rabbi- T
Moon landing doc proving it was a HOAX!


Moon Truth – BitChute – HDRCFX Cornwall
The Moon Landing, “How Does It
Bring Him Back?”
, The Hoax Code


16 March, 2014 – Youtube – 0:56:40
Landing Safely on the Moon is Scientifically Impossible


April, 2019 – Aulis – Emanuel E. Garcia
Massimo Mazzucco’s American Moon – a Review


11 March, 2019 – The System Is Down – Video
How to Fake American Moon Landing w. Massimo Mazzucco


Resource – WordPress
Phony Apollo Moon Landings!
In Search of Factual History…


21 May, 2019 – Youtube – 0:09:57 – Bart Sibrel
Fake Wikileaks Hoax’s Moon Hoax


27 May, 2019 – MSN – Rachel Weiner, Christian Davenport
He wanted to fly around the moon.
He ended up in court instead.


06 March, 2019 – Neil Peel – 2:13:57 – Part 3
Apollo Detectives with Bart Sibrel & Jarrah White.


2016 – Dave McGowan – Alissa
Center for an Informed America
Dave McGowan
Wagging the Moondoggie
A fan-made audio version:
Wagging the Moondoggie


WINTER 2018-2019 – Youtube 0:30:00 – Jonathan Mark
Life Rhythms and Flyby News
Music and Poetry + Overview for Truth & Peace in Space.


Updated – Flyby News Resource
1969-1972 – Evidence of Fraud – Lunar Missions


“Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate
the day when this planet may no longer be habitable.
Every man, woman, and child lives under a nuclear
sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of
threads, capable of being cut at any moment
by accident or miscalculation or madness.”


– President John F. Kennedy


February, 2011 – Youtube – Flyby News
Excerpt from speeches to UN and Media

Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus,
and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy
environment, human rights, justice, and nonviolence,
since the launch of NASA’s Cassini space probe in 1997.

News Fit to Transmit in the Post Cassini Flyby Era307595_4130695745053_1210616031_n

About flybynews

Flyby News (FN) came out of the campaign to stop or expose the high risk NASA Cassini (plutonium) Earth flyby. FN's first campaign at the turn of the millennium was to prevent the expansion of the arms race and US domination of the planet with space-based weapons. Yet the theft of democracy in the US 2000 election, the Supreme Court appointment of George W. Bush as US President, and the events of September 11, 2001, led to the termination of the 1972 Ballistic Missile Treaty, along with many other actions of crimes against humanity and civil freedom. The exploitation and cover-up of September 11, 2001 led to illegal, deceptive wars, which has accelerated climate change, and the downfall of financial and social justice. Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus, and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy environment, human rights, justice, peace, and nonviolence, since the launching of NASA's Cassini space probe in 1997. Flyby News' Fair Use Policy and much more information @ FlybyNews.com
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