Flyby News Endorses Bernie Sanders 2020

bernie sanders and aoc

Flyby News as well is endorsing U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for US President in 2020. This is based on our observations where Sanders stands for people before corporations and can close the great divide in prosperity in our world to help heal and save our environment. His extreme response in a plan to deal with the climate catastrophe and stance to stop the US from being the arms supplier of the world is the sort of action it will take for life’s survival in the 21st Century. This is why FN supports Sanders 2020 and encourages others to unite behind such an opportunity.

We can focus on what we don’t like, or choose to do something to support an appropriate response to the issues of our day. In 2021 Flyby News will focus on 20 years of the 9-11 false flag attack that is being used as justification for 20 years of wars and destabilization. The USA has harmed more people than any other nation by a long shot. And in the nuclear-armed world true change must first come from within, within its people and governments.

Too often beliefs are based on a person’s projection and sometimes influenced more by bias than science. In the face of the consensus with international scientists and academics around the world, people want to believe that fossil fuel pollution has no damaging effects regarding climate change; people are scared and confused and narrow their focus. It is this fear that is killing us all. By uniting with an actual plan for the quickest conversion from the industrial era to a clean energy and peaceful world future, FN supports Sanders and a Democrat sweep in Congress, and let’s get this moving ASAP.

The world needs US.

22 August, 2019 – The Intercept – Kate Aronoff
Bernie Sanders’ Climate Plan Is More Radical
Than His Opponents’ – More Likely To Succeed.



With sea levels rising three times more than recently expected
and California on fire and elsewhere, here is more information
on why Senator Bernie Sanders’ plan makes good sense.


31 October, 2019 – Democracy Now! – War and Peace
As California Burns Again, Rep. Khanna Calls
for PG&E to Become Publicly Owned Utility

2 April, 2019 – Young Turks – 9:16 – Youtube
Bernie Sanders asked About Israel during CNN Town Hall

“Today, every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate
the day when this planet may no longer be habitable.
Every man, woman, and child lives under a nuclear
sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of
threads, capable of being cut at any moment
by accident or miscalculation or madness.”

President John F. Kennedy
February, 2011 – Youtube – Flyby News
Excerpt from speeches to UN and Media.

Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus,
and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy
environment, human rights, justice, and nonviolence,
since the launch of NASA’s Cassini space probe in 1997.

News Fit to Transmit in the Post Cassini Flyby Era


About flybynews

Flyby News (FN) came out of the campaign to stop or expose the high risk NASA Cassini (plutonium) Earth flyby. FN's first campaign at the turn of the millennium was to prevent the expansion of the arms race and US domination of the planet with space-based weapons. Yet the theft of democracy in the US 2000 election, the Supreme Court appointment of George W. Bush as US President, and the events of September 11, 2001, led to the termination of the 1972 Ballistic Missile Treaty, along with many other actions of crimes against humanity and civil freedom. The exploitation and cover-up of September 11, 2001 led to illegal, deceptive wars, which has accelerated climate change, and the downfall of financial and social justice. Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus, and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy environment, human rights, justice, peace, and nonviolence, since the launching of NASA's Cassini space probe in 1997. Flyby News' Fair Use Policy and much more information @
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