Oliver Stone Dives into the “Horrible Experience” of Making Snowden


I recently watched the film by Oliver Stone, Snowden, and gained good insight into the life of this extraordinarily talented and courageous whistle-blower, who exposed the abuse and spectrum of our surveillance state. The article-link below is to a Vanity Fair article that describes behind the scene efforts from Oliver Stone and others to make Snowden as exceptional as it is. It is interesting to note the tension between Laura Poitras and Stone rather than their finding a way to work together for the greater picture. I think, too, Stone losing his mother at this time created such a great weight upon his hopes and dreams of making such an important film, while many stayed away from it thinking the story was already told in the Citizen 4 documentary. This issue of documentary vs hollywood movie art in a way reminds me of when Bob Dylan went electric at the Newport folk festival and all the hoopla that came from the audience.. But the artistry of Poitras and Stone can find a harmonic resonance. The story of different times are connected by Snowden himself, and learning more about his story is beneficial for citizens everywhere.

30 August, 2016 – Vanity Fair – Yohana Desta
Oliver Stone Dives into the “Horrible
Experience” of Making Snowden

News Fit to Transmit in the Post Cassini Flyby Era


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