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A Flyby News Perspective on Bart Jordan

Jonathan Mark, publisher at came to know Bart Jordan due to what launched Flyby News into cyberspace, a campaign to stop NASA’s 1999 high-risk Cassini Earth flyby. The big issue about all this was that Cassini had 72.3 pounds of highly radioactive plutonium … Continue reading

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The Growing List of COVID Lies

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola Story at-a-glance At this point, the lies we’ve been told about COVID countermeasures are so numerous, it would be easier to point to what was right and correct than list what was wrong, because the … Continue reading

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Proof of Intelligent Design – Denali & Pi

Bart Jordan contacted Flyby News in 1999 to comment on the NASA Cassini Earth flyby. For decades Jordan was prevented from publishing his work. In the Internet age, everything changed. Eighteen years later I was attempting to get as much … Continue reading

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Do Masks Protect You? Here’s the Conclusive Evidence

The Cochrane Library – the gold-standard independent research organization – has been reviewing the use of physical interventions to reduce respiratory illnesses like COVID and influenza since 2010. Here’s what their 2023 updated report has to say about N95, medical … Continue reading

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Bart Jordan – BLM FBI Infiltration – Peltier – Never Again?

Today Bart Jordan is 86 years old, who I assume is still working on disclosing what was discovered and covered-up in the 1976 NASA Mars Viking mission, which has proof of monuments in the Cydonia region and a message connected with two … Continue reading

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Cognitive Thinking and Being Aware

“What is, is” — is a statement most all of us can agree upon. So what is happening with the group-think business lost in half truths and misguided by big money and false security concerns? It’s the obvious madness that … Continue reading

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