Proof of Intelligent Design – Denali & Pi

31 August, 2017 – Flyby News – YouTube (28:00)

Bart Jordan contacted Flyby News in 1999 to comment on the NASA Cassini Earth flyby. For decades Jordan was prevented from publishing his work. In the Internet age, everything changed. Eighteen years later I was attempting to get as much on record as possible. But this was also following and during the time of tremendous abuse of Bart Jordan by his housing authorities, including destruction of his artwork, health concerns, etc. You can see a progression of his presentations when I first began interviewing him in 2014 and his last one:

17 August, 2018 – FN YouTube – 58:00

So what is the proof described in the above embedded 28-minute presentation? What does Pi have to do with the Denali pre-ice-age civilization? Bart describes how the ancient prime meridian runs through Nettle Bed in the UK, one degree from the current Greenwich Prime Meridian line. The Denali knew its mountain, the largest in the Western Hemisphere, was 150 degrees to the prime meridian. Denali mountain’s height is the addition of hours minutes and seconds of the orbits of the two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, plus the rotation of the planet.

Denali also knew about the largest mountain in the eastern hemisphere, Mt. Everest, named Ilaned. So Denali is 150 degrees to the prime meridian. If you multiply that number with 238, which is also the average number of bones and teeth for an average human adult, and multiply that with the degrees from the prime meridian to Ilaned, 88 degrees, and divide the result by one million, or a tetrachord, what do you get? Pi – which to me is proof of an intelligent design to Earth’s creation, and that human beings knew about such an intelligent design and embedded that information into language.

150 x 238 x 88

Divided by One Million equals

3.1416 – Pi

16 January, 2018 – Flyby News – YouTube 1:52:25

On Mars there is a designated point received by Bart Jordan of 40.87 North, which is marked at the apex of a 5-sided pyramid in the Cydonia region. Multiply 4087 times 5 = 20,435 (miles), which equals the designated distances of the two satellites published in the Encyclopedia Britannica in 1966 to the center of Mars. Phobos 5,820 miles plus Deimos 14,615 miles, = 20,435 miles!

Also 4087 plus 280 plus 280 (human birth twice, male and female), plus 7,804 equals 12,451, which is half of earth’s circumference at the equator in miles! Proof of a human-oriented message from long ago? Or another question can be how many coincidences make a fact?

Updated – Flyby News – Bart Jordan
Evidence of Advanced Ancient Civilizations

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