False Flags and Energy

Flyby News
Editor – Jonathan Mark
18 October, 2014 – False Flags and Energy

“If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state
of civilization, it expects what never was and never
will be…. If we are to guard against ignorance and
remain free, it is the responsibility of
every American to be informed.”

– Thomas Jefferson
3rd US President

Editor’s Notes:
A lot of time has passed since the last Flyby News (FN) issue, 15 years and the Cassini-Earth flyby, posted this past 18 August. The events of September 11, 2014 in Greenfield, MA was unique and wonderful. I was able to interview five individuals in the studio at GCTV. This program is now posted on Youtube. In the evening more than fifty individuals came to the 9-11 truth event at The Garden Cinemas, featuring Massimo Mazzucco’s documentary, September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor. Trailers and other films were shown too, with a lively discussion on our current state of affairs. Being with community based on reality on this anniversary was heart-felt.

Throughout history wars have been mostly about controlling resources, the use of military might for financial gain. This runs against principles in the US Constitution, but since Kennedy’s assassination and US military coup d’etat, I guess the US Constitution lost its incentive for those taking sworn oaths to behold and protect.. The control over my generation’s minds had become apparent when the peace movement did not investigate the events of September 11, 2001, although it was being used as justification for “endless wars” – the war on terror. People chose only to look at some issues, too afraid to even consider that such a level of corruption exists. Yet the harness of denial, and yokes of distraction, fear has taken over many minds, as if we live in the novel by George Orwell, 1984, big brother is watching you, everyone.

This issue posted June 15, 2014 – Fracking War Terrorism and Transformation is about a fracked gas pipeline proposal through my land and state. On a list serve focused on stopping the pipeline, I sometimes share information that shows its relationship with military geopolitical ownership. I tried to open up this up with a short comment and link to this Democracy Now program, “Expanding U.S. Strikes to ISIS in Syria, Has Obama Opened New Phase of “Perpetual War”?”, (broadcast 23 September, 2014).

Here is a response I received from one neighbor:

“..enjoyed your presentation and the 9/11 Truth movie last week at the Garden Cinema. It is depressing, but informative. I will continue to get news from your Flyby News organization as I need . . . I would greatly appreciate it if you would keep good solid separation of the Pipeline and Fracked Gas issue, news and discussion on the NGpipeline group separate from your Flyby News anti-war opinions and information. I think there are enough people who know of your group and if they wish to read, listen or participate they will join your group. Please Jonathan, keep the two issues separate and discontinue your use of NQpipeline for your anti-war sentiments. . . I don’t think it helps your cause, no matter how important you may feel it is, to push into another group’s very specific discussion. Thank you Jonathan.”

Unless we understand what we are up against, how can we effectively plan to stop such a proposal while being threatened by federal eminent domain? It all makes no sense to be forced to live with pressurized gas pipes to transport a limited resource that harms our water, earth, and air. Because of the federal threat, I am proposing a referendum vote question in 2016 to build the basis for our demanding that we have the right to protect our environment. I believe such a vote, if supported, could go the distance in educating and mobilizing people to stand in the way of such a project through Massachusetts. That could give a blow for their northeast USA pipeline expansion and fracking Mother Earth plans. Our energy investment dollars must go toward protecting our well being. Clean technology is capable, it is only the political will or treachery that is doing more harm than good. Everything else in the contrary is only more propaganda.

“The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria” is an article by Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain that shows how unsubstantiated military reports were used to take over the mainstream media by making people feel afraid. The story also cast its shadow over the exposure of the largest environmental march in history. Yet any one campaign is like a droplet of water. Unless united with humanity, unless we free ourselves from our fears and restrictions, we will limit our resolve to only reacting after the fact.

I hope my neighbor will get over being depressed by 9-11 evidence of deception. We have been deceived most our lives, and it is time for generations to awaken from the dirty deeds shaping our geopolitical energy environment. After 9-11 this year I went to visit family, but my flight got diverted first from Baltimore, then Washington, because “Blue Angels” were having an air show. The pilot landed in Richmond, VA to refuel, and then we got later flights. A young Muslim seemed not perturbed by all the scheduling conflicts told me he was headed to a University in Alabama. He studied religion. His understanding of Islam and other religions resonated with me. I shared with him too some personal experiences, beliefs, feelings, and why I don’t practice religion any more since it is often mistaken by various translations, sometimes manipulated to cause conflict and harm. Yet a spiritual connection in life that shares meaning within and around nature goes deep into why truth matters.. For even if the darkness appears as it is.. we are here still.. standing for what we know, and free not to allow fear control our minds. Love and fearlessness seems bound in beauty. We just need to be more awakened to this.

I have continued my communications with Bart Jordan. I met his sister during my recent trip. I encourage you all to stay with the 2:41:23 interview recorded last June. Just mark where you can watch at one sitting.. note the time.. and keep absorbing the information in this interview. And stay patient, although Bart Jordan’s work continues at a snail’s pace due to health and lack of support issues, he is still making progress to detail what was in this first interview program with mathematical charts in place. More is to come.

One more issue to note.. which was mentioned too during the recent 9-11 anniversary events, and in the Bart Jordan interview. It can only get more obvious as we approach fifty years of deception regarding the claimed US 1969-1972 Apollo lunar missions. Where as 9-11 and JFK is seen in decades in the past, the lunar claims are something for our future to observe. Why could we have such success in six missions during three years in the 20th Century, while no other mission or Country has ever reproduced sending an astronaut safely beyond low orbit? All the evidence shows this to be a military psychological operation that is continuing to be perpetrated upon our understanding of truth in space.

= = = = = = = = = =

MEDEA BENJAMIN: “Well, we have been talking during this weekend about how oil is the basis of U.S. policy in the Middle East. Were it not for Iraq’s oil, the U.S. would have never invaded, would not be there to begin with. The military is the largest polluter. The oil companies are being protected by the U.S. military strength. We see the military-industrial-oil complex all together in this. And I think it’s so sad that when the world is crying out for solutions, both solutions to the climate crisis and nonviolent political solutions to the issue of extremists, what the Obama administration is giving us is a support for the oil monarchies, a support for U.S. oil companies and continued perpetual war.”



[From an FN subscriber via email]

I just read (from Alternet.com) about the new drama film based on investigative journalist Gary Webb’s expose of the CIA/Crack Cocaine connection, in his 1989 series in the San Jose Mercury. it’s entitled “Kill The messenger” and opens Friday at theatres all over the country. I remember first meeting Mike Ruppert in 1997 at the National Green Conference in Lawrence, Mass, where he spoke about all this, and named the culprits involved. A decade later his Ashland, Oregon office of his online investigative website, “From The Wilderness” was broken into, and all the computers were destroyed! Clearly he was onto something true, and someone did not want him publishing anything anymore. In 2009 a filmmaker made a doc. film about Ruppert called “Collapse” (same title as one of his books, which got the Critic’s Pick by the M,Y, Times!). He shot himself to death April 12, 2014. So many of the major Truth tellers are either murdered or murdered and made to look like a suicide, or driven crazy and driven to actually. commit suicide


[this following was my reply, with some edits.]

yes.. the nwo wants everyone to believe not to go there.. so they keep the lies going.. so people do not want to look into the “no no” issues, not fully realizing how they are being influenced by their fears, or absence of love.. since when one confronts a fear, you can do something about it.. but the mainstream population is fully mind controlled, conditioned by a lifetime of indoctrination and for many in the usa in deep comfort with lots of distractions to keep one occupied… and not going there..

But this is exactly why if 9-11 and JFK truth activists could unite outside their boundaries, the dots can be connected. Are we not ready to use the scientific process to analyze why what happened 6 times from 1969-1972 has never been repeated? Or even any evidence of a human surviving beyond low orbit in more than forty five years in the so-called “Space Exploration” period. Are we not finding out that it is more of an age of deception.

When Bush announced we would be back on the moon in 2020 in 2004.. only to have the project end in 2010, for lack of progress, too expensive, but does that relate to their “success” 6 times in 3 years. For some things it is a damn lot harder doing than faking. The humility achieved from seeing what we believed most of our life is a deception, then all one needs to look back a few years to see JFK blown away, peace directions, detonating a nuclear device near the radiation belts, as the elitist war with Russia continued mostly by finance manipulation, a world government started emerging with corruption as their connected element. And their were the enforcers that could escape any realm of the concept of justice.

Gary Webb is one example of how any one issue has a dead end.. the bigger challenge is to unite many issues as they belong together in the scrutiny of science and observation or common sense. We each have to keep growing in our awareness, not just our chosen affiliated group, but grow into seeing how each issue is connected with another. The depth of the deceptions can continue.. or we can request a solution for truth and reconciliation with democracy established.. This would give us a good chance of doing the most good for most all people in our world.. from the grassroots up..?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER: Some have argued that the president is required to get permission from a federal court before taking action against a United States citizen who is a senior operational leader of al-Qaeda or associated forces. This is simply not accurate. Due process and judicial process are not one and the same, particularly when it comes to national security. The Constitution guarantees due process. It does not guarantee judicial process.

BAHER AZMY: Yes, well, as someone who does believe that the president needs some judicial review before executing U.S. citizens, and as a lawyer, it was fairly shocking to hear the attorney general say—in a law school audience, particularly—that due process does not require judicial process. The essence of due process for hundreds of years is that executive officials do not get to themselves decide how to deprive individuals of rights and that the judiciary does have to be involved. But that analysis was one that gave legal cover to policy decisions of the executive branch, and therefore, you know, collapsed the distinction between war and the Constitution in the way, in a troubling way, that the prior Justice Department had. And what’s disappointing, I think, is that his great empathy and thoughtfulness about the role of race in this country and state violence in this country, I would have hoped could have informed the use of war and state violence against detainees in Guantánamo, innocent civilians killed by drone strikes abroad, and the simple perpetuation of raw executive power under legal cover.

Democracy Now! 26 September, 2014


24 October, 2014 – Youtube – Flyby News
September 11, 2014 Forum at GCTV
Solving the Mystery of WTC-7 plus 5
Interviews with Jonathan Mark – 1:36:06

17 October, 2014 – SilentCrowNews – Timothy Alexander Guzman
U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Out-
break in West Africa
: Liberian Scientist

16 October, 2014 – PressTV – Scott Rickard
Coordinated deceit
and destruction

across Iraq and Syria

14 October, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Amy Goodman
James Risen Prepared to “Pay Any Price”
to Report on War on Terror Amid
Crackdown on Whistleblowers

05 October, 2014 – WhoWhatWhy – Peter Dale Scott
The Hidden Government Group Linking
JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra and 9/11

08 September, 2014 – CNN – Jake Tapper
28 pages of a 9/11 report
you can’t see

16 September, 2014 – CounterPunch – James Ridgeway
9/11: the Saudi Connection
The Bush Cover-Up Begins to Unravel?

05 October, 2014 – Global Research – Larry Chin
The Anglo-American Empire’s War of Conquest.
The War on the Islamic State (ISIL) is a Lie

There is no reasoning with an empire
waging a world war of deception

05 October, 2014 – PressTV
Kerry says Kobani not
‘strategic objective’ of US

02 October, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Sinan Antoon
After U.S. Sanctions & Wars Tore Iraq Apart,
Can American-Led Strikes Be Expected to Save It?

29 September, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Murtaza Hussain
How the U.S. Concocted a Terror
Threat to Justify Syria Strikes, and
the Corporate Media Went Along

29 September, 2014 – The Intercept – Glenn Greenwald, Murtaza Hussain
The Fake Terror Threat Used
To Justify Bombing Syria

23 September, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Amy Goodman
Expanding U.S. Strikes to ISIS in Syria,
Has Obama Opened New Phase of “Perpetual War”?

AARON MATÉ: And, Vijay Prashad, these strikes in Syria
coming after six weeks of U.S. bombings inside of Iraq,
can you talk about what is happening there and the
effect of these attacks on ISIS inside Iraq?

VIJAY PRASHAD: Well, ISIS inside Iraq, as you saw,
from September onward, moved much of their
heavy machinery into Syria. I mean, that’s
been their strategy, is they’re not going to
wait around for the bombing, you know, in the
same way in Raqqa they had abandoned much of
the central part of the city. And so, what the
United states bombed in Raqqa were largely empty
buildings. You know, they have been moving their
heavy machinery around, their arms around. They
are currently, as I said, attacking in northern Syria.
So where the strikes happened were not exactly
where their main fighting forces are right now based.
[Excerpt from transcript]

23 September, 2014 – Democracy Now!
Flood Wall Street: 100 Arrested at Sit-In
Targeting Financial Giants’ Role in Global Warming

08 March, 2014 – Common Dreams – Robert Freeman
Ukraine is About Oil.
So Was World War I

12 September, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Amy Goodman
James Foley on the Dehumanization of War:
Acclaimed Filmmaker Haskell Wexler
Shares 2012 Interview

AMY GOODMAN: This is interesting also because
the spokesperson for the family of the other beheaded
journalist, Steven Sotloff,spoke to CNN on Wednesday,
Barak Barfi, and said Sotloff was sold to ISIL by
other so-called moderate Syrian rebels.

BARAK BARFI: For the first time, we can say Steven
was sold at the border. Steven’s name was on a list that
he had been responsible for the bombing of a hospital.
This was false. Activists spread his name around.

ANDERSON COOPER: He was sold at the border?

BARFI: Yes. We believe that the so-called moderate
rebels that people want our administration to support,
one of them sold him probably for something between
$25,000 and $50,000 to ISIS. And that was the
reason that he was captured.

03 September, 2014 – SCGnews
The Covert Origins of ISIS

04 September, 2014 – Global Research – Jason Kissner
Vanishing Airliners, “ISIS”, and 9/11.
“Timing is Crucial in Politics”

02 September, 2014 – TomDispatch – Tom Engelhardt
How America Made ISIS

12 September, 2014 – Democracy Now! – Eran Efrati
The Untold Story of the Shejaiya Massacre
in Gaza: A Former Israel Soldier Speaks Out

“I went through seven months of boot camp, getting ready for a war,
getting ready to stop the second Holocaust from happening. But in
the end of these seven months, I’m not finding myself in a war;
I’m finding myself in al-Khalil, or Hebron, in the middle of the
West Bank, a city counting 180,000 Palestinians, and in the
middle of the city a Jewish settlement of 800 settlers,
Jewish settlers, that I need to protect. And very fast,
I will understand that my job here is to control the
Palestinian lives. My job here is to control their life for
the arm trade that’s going on, for testing weapons on the
ground, for workers’ rights in Israel, for Palestinian
workers that we need for mines, for fuel. All of this stuff,
I’m doing daily, not for protection of anybody, but for
protection of the rich government in Israel.”

06 September, 2014 – Global Research – Julie Lévesque
Israel Steals Gaza’s Offshore Gas:
$15 Billion Deal with Jordan

18 September, 2014 – Impact Lab
$100B invested in wind or solar
will produce more energy than oil

10 September, 2014 – Youtube – Flyby News
Dark Legacy 9-11
Condensed Compilation – 0:14:39 running time

Flyby News recommends taking action
by giving truth a face, your face;
we all must come out on this one.

I Am the Face of Truth
Join a worldwide grassroots movement for 9/11 Truth
& Justice. We want to be associated only with evidence
that can be held up to the harshest scrutiny in any fair
court on the planet. We do not want to be associated
with theories that cannot be scientifically proven such
as: Directed Energy Weapons, nuclear weapons,
or ‘no planes’ at the World Trade Center towers.


31 August, 2014 – Global Research – Michel Chossudovsky
September 11, 2001: The Crimes of War
Committed “In the Name of 9/11”

18 August, 2014 – Flyby News – WordPress
15 years and the Cassini-Earth flyby


New 9-11 investigation vs New World Order

JFK Coup d’etat 50, The FED 100+

Evidence of fraud, 1969-1972 lunar missions

Energy Pollution’s Impact On Our Environment

Credible Witness – UFO – Disclosure

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And don’t miss out on
Reports on Bart Jordan and evidence
of advanced pre-ice-age civilizations

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