Bart Jordan – BLM FBI Infiltration – Peltier – Never Again?

Today Bart Jordan is 86 years old, who I assume is still working on disclosing what was discovered and covered-up in the 1976 NASA Mars Viking mission, which has proof of monuments in the Cydonia region and a message connected with two satellites, Phobos and Deimos, placed into orbit around Mars eons ago, which connects with orbital positions marked on the images taken by NASA from the 35th and 70th orbits. The message is quite simple for humanity, which was placed on Mars in pre-ice-age times, anticipating humankind’s development again of weapons of mass destruction: either give up war and abolish such nuclear weapons or to go extinct. Xenon-129 – a by-product from a nuclear above ground detonation had been found on Mars proving that such a weapon was used in another time in another age.

16 January, 2018 – Flyby News – YouTube 1:52:25

It took me around twenty years to be convinced of the proof of the above. Most people do not have the patience to consider such information for a couple of hours, or do the math that Jordan has shown to support such information, which includes his work as core mathematician on the Trinity Test in 1945 on the Manhattan Project to test the splitting of an atom for an explosive device.

09 August 2018 – FN YouTube – 58:00 – Bart Jordan

The work of an innocent child was betrayed by the Pentagon’s use of the device on human populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Jordan was told the test could help end the war, what happened showed the ruthlessness of a fear and greed motivated effort to maintain the cycle for death and destruction. There are dark and light forces at work in this day and age. There is still time for our species to evolve, which appears to be a long shot, but miracles still persist. 

Evidence of Technologically Advanced Pre-Ice-Age Civilizations

Another recent post at involves a new podcast showing the FBI infiltrating the Black Lives Matter movement to engage in violence and chaos. It appears the FBI has parts of it working with the left and the right. In this case, highlighted in a recent segment by Democracy Now! program, the FBI used a white supremacist to join protests to add more confusion in its response to police killings of Black Lives Matter community members. 

07 Feb. 2023 – DN – Trevor Aaronson
COINTELPRO 2.0: How the FBI Infiltrated BLM
Protests After Police Murder of George Floyd

DN Headlines – Feb. 7, 2023 – Supporters of Leonard Peltier rallied in cities and towns across the U.S. and around the world Monday, calling for the release of the 78-year-old Indigenous rights activist. The protests came as Peltier entered into his 48th year behind bars for a crime he says he did not commit. His 1977 conviction for alleged involvement in killing two FBI agents in a shootout on the Pine Ridge Reservation was riddled with irregularities and prosecutorial misconduct. Last month, former senior FBI agent Coleen Rowley told The Guardian that in the 1990s she helped ghostwrite an op-ed arguing against Peltier’s release. She said that for years new FBI agents were “indoctrinated” against Peltier. This is Christina Castro, an Indigenous activist from New Mexico, speaking at a rally for Leonard Peltier Monday in Santa Fe.

Christina Castro: “Now the government is actually admitting they don’t know who shot these FBI agents, but they will not give him a new trial or grant him clemency or a compassionate release, based on a pure revenge and systemic racist agenda.”

Learn more to help:

Free Leonard Peltier

Following is a link to an article published by Children’s Health Defense regarding the threat of Biden calling for a climate emergency.

07 February, 2023 – CHD – W. Aaron Vandiver
Would a ‘Climate Emergency’ Open the Same Door to
Authoritarian Governance as the ‘COVID Emergency?’

And instead of watching Biden’s fictitious state of the union address, a far more truthful viewpoint was brought forth this year by Del Bigtree.

08 Feb. 2023 – HW 15:38
ICAN CEO Delivers 2023
State of the Union Response

In 2024 Flyby News will have been publishing news for life’s survival in the 21st Century for 25 years! Perhaps before we complete that cycle I will be on the HighWire program and that the HW will also interview Bart Sibrel, who wrote Moon Man – The True Story of a Filmmaker on the CIA Hit List.  This could help connect the many psychological operations that enabled the depopulation (sic) health agenda now ongoing, pushed by governments, media, and the corrupt big pharma industry. Eugenics and denial seem to be hopelessly downgrading life on our planet for the last couple of Centuries. The film series that best show this to be the case was directed by Holocaust survivor:

Vera Sharav
“Never Again is Now Global”

06 Feb. 2023 – Q – Jonathan Mark
What are some non-fiction books
about viruses and pandemics?

01 Feb. 2023 – FN – Jonathan Mark
Cognitive Thinking and Being Aware

27 Jan. 2023 – HW – Vera Sharav
Lessons From A Holocaust Survivor

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