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Annie Hassett at Greenfield Harvest Festival with Jonathan Mark on harmonicaAnnie Hassett at Greenfield Harvest Festival
with Jonathan Mark on harmonica

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Life is a gift, Freedom is a responsibility.”

Flyby News (FN) has been working for life’s survival in the 21st Century since the 1999 NASA’s Cassini Earth Flyby. Health is such a vast subject incorporating personal and global inner discussions. The key is to learn from everything, especially from mistakes that can help us find balance and peace of mind and place.

sunset western mass

Fear or love is behind most all action, if we are aware or not. Fear can be subtle like avoiding something. Sometimes our ego or belief in self importance can appear to overcome our fears, but we fool ourselves, as we avoid a deeper issue within. When we look at our fears, feel it, learn from it, love naturally expands to meet a new moment bringing light into the darkness.

O eons of darkness, eternal night
you are only a backdrop for wondrous light.
And here I might find through the core of self
the entrance to illuminate, to perceive,
to flow with atoms expelling light,
as a river of purity in the deepness of night.

Key to life is breath, and for me to be aware of Appreciation Introspection Respect (AIR), as in a blend of balance and harmony. When outside the AIR condition, like when complaining about something or someone, I pause, remind myself about AIR, and find something to appreciate, and to go within, and respect what is. In listening one finds moments in a great mystery and being a part of what is sacred. The beauty is in seeing the deeper places. The person we can most change is oneself, to share such a gift with another. In dealing with our fears (even subtle ones) we can see how they can be transformed by unconditional love. Communication can help AIR become CAIR: Communication Appreciation Introspection Respect.

Updated in the Covid-19 Virus Era

20 March, 2020 – Flyby News – WordPress
The Evolution of Pandemics


I will continue to update this health blog when I can. See near bottom of the page for more updated news’ links. I am not a doctor and not offering medical advice. I am only sharing what might have helped me, which may or may not help you. Flyby News is a not for profit organization in response to the military industrial congressional intelligence Media academia, think-tank (MICIMATT) complex taking over truth, justice, and peace. There is evidence of gross corruption and betrayal by those lost in fear in greed, arrogance, violence, and separation from love in a universe we are all part of.

Staying healthy and aware is an art with critical thinking to help us cherish freedom, and hidden harmony in balance with nature.  The Lakota people say Mitakuye Oyasin, all my relations, which is an expression that helps me recognize a connection with all that I am

WINTER 2018-2019 – Youtube 0:30:00 – Jonathan Mark

Life Rhythms and Flyby News
Music and Poetry + Flyby News overview for truth & peace in space.

Meanwhile fear has set the stage for discord and disease. Health must be holistic for it to be sustained in my opinion. It is the same with our environment. Some tribes in council would only make major decisions after the consideration of 7 generations were taken into account, three generations here and four yet to be born. Health and well being is about love, within and around us.

Great Swamp Northfield

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.

-William Shakespeare

So when confronting my fears about the 1999 Cassini Earth flyby, I found my fears going deeper than any one issue; the shadow that had taken over our world controls most everything. In our history truth has often been sacrificed for getting people to fight one another, and manipulate situations like 9-11-2001 to engage in policies using fear and terror for the illusion of control, while our civilization falls apart..

The Greeks named the two satellites of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, in a way to warn us about fear and terror.., but there is so much more within the harmony of spheres. I hope the message of Bart Jordan reaches toward a critical mass awakening from beyond ice ages to moments of today for truth, peace, and transformation.

Love Creation and Created

Honour Moon, Sun, and Planet

Obey Time and Space

Obey Sound and Light

Honour Earth, Star, and Comet

Love Finite and Infinite

We have inherited more than the wind.

We have a measure of Man’s mind.

This document from shows some scientists only give humanity a 50/50 chance to survive this Century. The end is near. Yet one can feel faith and awareness that the half-empty glass is also half full, anything could be possible like beings on Earth from another planet, dimension, or galaxy, near-death experiences, and eternal life as part of an essence of creation, and having an ancestral connection with technologically advanced ancient civilizations.


The unknown journey tells us of lives past,
What’s behind the sky and how long we can last.

Blight and perish, then return Creation
to your chore never ending,
Though it appears dim sometimes
because the tunnel winds,
But beyond the next bend the illumined mind
might find a permeating ray.

O’ divine mystery, naked before my thoughts,
Such grandeur and majesty, am I truly worthy?

Embracing life, colors blend,
light filters through, I am what I am.
The only death that came to be
was to that of mystery,
As life has a way of renewing and cleansing,
And with the element of growth,
the spirit will always be unending.


For more poetry and quotes, see:     

Life Rhythms poetry blog

Recommended Book:


21 November, 2018 – Youtube – 0:22:23 – Garth Davis, MD
VEGAN DIET: Dispelling The Biggest Myths

cowspiracy image

The Sustainability Secret


Health News

Craig Stellpflug wrote this important article, Myth busted: Vaccinations are not immunizations. Here is another once controversial article from CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Why I changed my mind on weed, published in August, 2013. This link was posted in May, 2011: The Illegal Herb that Fights Cancer. Here’s another excellent resource page on Hemp Oil Cancer Cure. Another free newsletter I recommend your subscribing to is from Jon Barron. Another nutritional science source is Dr. Joel Furhman. Plus here is another excellent resource: Healthy and Natural World.

Also, what one does not eat may be the key to our personal and global health. Researchers have found that avoiding these following seven foods will enable you to make better choices for health and vitality: Soy. Corn, Gluten, Dairy, Sugar and artificial sweeteners, Eggs, Peanuts. For more on this diet presented by JJ Virgin, see: 7 Foods to Avoid for Rapid Weight Loss. Here’s another resource link: JJ Virgin’s Top 7 Superfoods and about her 21-day health challenge. I recommend superfoods like chlorella, spirulina, a product called Ocean’s Alive Phytoplankton. A gradual change to a non-dairy, non-gluten, vegetarian diet is the best way to maintain optimal health and well being. (More on diet below.)

01 July 2010 – GCTV – Flyby News
Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane
Interviewed by Jonathan Mark

I first learned about the work of Dr. Leonard Horowitz from his documentary film, “In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism”. Dr. Horowitz is the author of the NY Times bestseller, “Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?” I started using his product OxySilver to help me fight a return of Lyme Disease symptoms. Due to the expense of OxySilver, I started looking for other sources of silver hydrosol products.

The Silver Edge – Steve Barwick
A Colloidal Silver Primer


I recommend reading articles by Steve Barwick, Why Has the FDA Banned Information On Colloidal Silver? and Colloidal Silver Medical Research Before 1940. Also check here for Colloidal Silver Manual. Unless allergic to silver, I believe everyone would benefit in having colloidal silver at home. This article by Barwick explains why, Colloidal Silver and the Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Swindle. Using colloidal silver internally is most effective with an alkaline-based healthy diet.

The Silver Edge is where I purchased my nano colloidal silver generator, and is what I consider the safest and most effective colloidal silver on can buy.. and producing my own, after initial investment, the gift keeps giving. Also Steve Barwick is an excellent health journalist. I recommend connecting with him and the CS community on facebook. You will receive a response to questions and learn from him things like learn how much to use. The nano silver particles passes in and out of one’s body as energized water. Meanwhile it is known to boost the immune system by electrocuting or destroying pathogen cells with its oxygen burst

16 April, 2015 – Collective Evolution – OrganicOlivia
Lyme Disease: The CDC’s Greatest Coverup
& What They Don’t Want You To Know

As much as I appreciate Dr. Horowitz, I cannot agree on all his ideas. Specifically on one of his claims of a universal love number, the 528 frequency. I contacted Bart Jordan about this since he is an expert on frequencies. Bart Jordan told me that 528 to him represents a boundary number, 528 feet is one tenth of a mile. Bart Jordan information shows a far-reaching integrated system he discovered when  only five years old through a Homeric SAMAN-NAMAS channel, i.e. shamanic. In the following year he used an ancient cosmic numbering system based on alphabetic tone frequencies (Hellenic, Germanic, & Semitic). In 1945, discovered by Dr. Robert Wood, he was recruited as core mathematician for the Trinity Test in the Manhattan Project. I find Dr. Len Horowitz sincere and respect him as a pioneer in exposing the health risks of conventional medicines and procedures, and offering alternatives. I recommend his site – FluScam.

When I first contracted Lyme Disease I used the conventional antibiotic Doxycycline treatment. After 19 days I began to feel my body shutting down, and so I stopped taking the antibiotic. I continued taking probiotics. Yet, after a while I noticed symptoms of chronic lyme; I read and started acting upon the advice in this book, “The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments: Defeat Lyme Disease with the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine” by Bryan Rosner. I had added OxySilver or colloidal silver to my list of preferable antibiotics. I also recommend this resource for herbs for Lyme disease treatment. On radio 24 February, 2014 (podcast available) I learned of the work of Dr. Richard Horowitz, who specializes in treating Lyme disease. His understanding and recommendations for treatment are not only important for lyme, but other chronic illnesses, too.

09 May, 2016 – The Silver Edge – Steve Barwick
Colloidal Silver and Lyme Disease

Are all colloidal silver products equal? Is it safe?

Regarding some controversy regarding colloidal silver versus ionic silver, Steve Barwick’s article, True Colloidal Silver Facts, shows the difference between true colloidal silver, nanosilver and ionic silver. I believe this responds effectively to questions raised by Dr. Mercola’s article, New Guidelines for Safe Usage of Colloidal Silver. I recommend Steve Barwick’s The Silver Edge micro-particle Colloidal Silver Generator. In all my research and experience I have found only beneficial effects and many applications for colloidal silver. Used with understanding, the nano-silver departs from the body in water.

‘In spite of its medically documented 90-year history of safe and effective use, the FDA has now ruled that colloidal silver can no longer be sold in the United States if it is described as an infection-fighting agent! Instead, it can now only be described as a mineral supplement . . . In essence, the FDA has ruled that the American public no longer has the right to know what a powerful and medically proven infection fighting agent colloidal silver is!’

2013 – FB Video – Steve Barwick
Dr. Oz and Dr. Gerald Lemore
Recommend Colloidal Silver

On Youtube with Spanish subtitles

Detoxifying is essential too besides just destroying pathogen cells. Intermittent fasting, exercise, fresh air, good water, are all helpful. But dealing with pollution and heavy metals and spirochetes I took another measure and found it very helpful – the Infrared Sauna now in my basement. I purchased a unit for half price that had a blemish that does not effect its operation. I recommend JNH Lifestyles and their web site is a good resource in general on the benefits of infrared saunas.


Deep penetrating heat better than steam rooms push toxins out by sweating. This also is good to remove remaining nano silver particles from our body. The only danger I have heard that could happen from taking too much colloidal silver is a condition called argyria, where the skin can become over saturated and get stained toward a blue color. Saunas and appropriate use for those not allergic to silver has been helpful for me to become healthy and with a good immune system.

Recommended soothing skin cream infused

with nanosilver, Check out

24 March, 2015 – PBS – Cara Giaimo
Silver Nanoparticles Could Give Millions
Microbe-free Drinking Water

In general my health habits include a varied diet of vegetarian non-dairy food. I drink mostly green tea, sometimes black tea, and take in lots of good fluids especially water, fruits, and vegetables, sunlight, Vitamin D-3, B-12, probiotics, healing saunas, outside exercise, and meditation. I also ingest natural anti-cox2 inhibitors found in turmeric (curry), garlic, oregano, ginger.. The book Beyond Aspirin tells why natural substances are more effective and safer than processed drugs for lowering inflammation, which can cause arthritis, cancer & Alzheimer’s disease. More recently I use coconut oil for oil pulling sometimes in the morning. Most mornings I drink a glass of warm water with lime squeezed into it. This helps the body have an alkaline base and helps cleanse the liver organ. I also include milk thistle, known as a good herb for liver support. Also especially in season, watermelon is great for the kidneys. An important book on food combinations, learning about when is the best time and foods for eating, digesting, and eliminating, I recommend reading Fit For Life by Marilyn and Harvey Diamond.

Visualization self healing technique:

Visualize yourself in calm surroundings and see a table with a pitcher of water on it. With eyes closed, visualize the virus or whatever you know is harming you and give it a face, animate it to see it; then take the pitcher of water and pour it over the animated form or darkness until it melts away. If your pitcher runs out, just hold it up or put it back on the table where it becomes full again.. have patience and love.. feel it within and around you..

Health and a Humane Diet

It is important to consider we live in a world with major pollution. As nuclear accidents increase, I strongly recommend avoiding dairy and animal products in your diet. Your body will gradually adjust, though go at your own pace in changing dietary habits. The book that helped me go in this direction was by John Robbins, “Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth”. Reports show that vegetarians generally live longer and healthier, and our global environment benefits by such a lifestyle decision. A UN report in June 2010 claimed that a global shift towards a vegan diet could be vital to save the world from hunger, poverty, and the worst impacts of climate change.


But beyond diet, what most helps keep me in balance with a spiritual perspective is CAIR – communication appreciation introspection respect. I learned the importance of these four attributes in finally learning what has been a big problem in my relationships, including with myself. It is easy to focus on someone else, to be judgmental, controlling, not realizing we are responding to our fears.

A book that brought attention as to what love relationships are about was written by Dr. Harville Hendrix, Getting the Love You Want. This book taught me about an imago, and how things in our childhood come out in our relationships and what we can do about it. Even if you don’t have a partner-friend relationship, you still have a relationship with yourself, and the A I R focus can help by showing you ways to appreciate, to look within, and respect oneself. It is a moment to moment decision, just like the choice between love and fear. By recognizing one’s fears, even subtle ones, we can shine them in the light of awareness, learn from them and take appropriate actions. Vital, too, is meditation to  open to what is, more than what is in our thoughts, but in our being. Oneness is a treasured component of reality. Life Is..

True Back

Flyby News has no affiliation with the following companies, but I wanted to recommend these products because they have been so effective for helping me overcome recurring lower back pain and providing me with an overall sense of well being. The TrueBack device comes with a DVD that shows how with simple exercises you can stretch your spine and at the same time massage nerves and muscles around it. This is like giving yourself a super massage using your own body weight, while the spine is stretched and floating in a channel. I find just a few minutes a day recovers my body from heavy lifting, splitting wood, sitting too long, etc.

Walk Fit

Another product I must recommend because of its past effectiveness for me: Walk Fit Platinum. These are relatively inexpensive shoe inserts distribute the weight in the feet in a way that strengthens the foot’s muscles and maintains an arch or spring in each step. As they say, when your feet are not happy, you are not happy. It worked for me, and I recommend it for anyone with flat feet.

Knee ExercisesStrengthening the quadriceps muscle has been key in my overcoming knee problems from my high school and one year of college football playing. Two links follow that look pretty good with photos in support such an exercise program. Knee Exercises and Why I Exercise.

Classical StretchThe Classical Stretch is an exercise program created, produced and hosted by Miranda Esmonde-White. The #1 fitness show on Public Television for over 15 years—Classical Stretch has been helping people of all ages and fitness levels rebalance their bodies, increase mobility and keep joints healthy and pain-free. Based on the intelligent fitness technique Essentrics—each 30-minute episode of Classical Stretch features a full-body workout with dynamic strengthening and stretching exercises: all-standing, all-floor or all-barre.

Edible Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth refers to a naturally-formed sedimentary mineral coming from the remains of what were once oceanic unicellular shells and algae known as diatoms. Food grade diatomaceous earth offers important benefits, particularly related to the fact that it is composed of approximately 85% amorphous silica. In the past, humans were able to consume enough silica in food, but as modern hybrid foods and toxic soil became a reality, studies suggest that only about 1/3 of the silica that we need is present in our fruits and vegetables. This is a sad fact, given that silica is such a necessary component for the health of our tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, and bones. It is also needed for the health and strength of our skin, teeth and nails. It even contributes to the health of almost all of our vital organs, including the heart, liver and lungs. Mixed in water it can become a powerful overall detoxification agent. As a strong natural bonding agent, diatomaceous earth sucks heavy metals (such as those contained in vaccines, drinking water and foods). I now use it mostly as tooth paste. However, a couple times each week take about 2 teaspoons in a cup of water. For more information, see “Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth” and this Natural News article.

Return of the Bird Tribes

Another book that I want to share is by Ken Carey, The Return of the Bird Tribes. This book tells the journey of a time before time, and an era when tribes gathered in wisdom and peace, and about a tale of our current times, and a promise to return. It could seem to get lost in ideals, especially in its expectations that the US government will be a leader for sustainability. That has not been the case so far, but I still enjoy its covering the Iroquois peace alliance and the afterward about a time before incarnating on Earth and a vision of what might have prompted many of us to be here now.

Leonard Peltier

FN has been covering the case of Leonard Peltier throughout the years. In many ways he represents a caged soul for North American freedom, as Nelson Mandela represents the freedom movement in South Africa. The case for human rights must keep vigilant in his case. Leonard’s health has been greatly impacted by more than three decades in a federal prison. Compassion must exist for ourselves to really become healthy. Please, if you have a free moment, learn more at his defense committee’s web site and do what you can in prayer and deed in helping him. The soul of America is at risk by denying his right to be free.

Radiation and Public Health Awareness —

The Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP) was established by scientists and physicians dedicated to understanding the relationships between low-level, nuclear radiation and public health. The RPHP Tooth Fairy Project “..grew out of the work of Dr. Jay Gould, Director of the Radiation and Public Health Project and author of The Enemy Within: The High Cost of Living Near Nuclear Reactors. By analyzing 50 years of US National Cancer Institute data, Dr. Gould proved that.of the 3,000-odd counties in the United States, women living in about 1,300 nuclear counties (located within 100 miles of a reactor) are at the greatest risk of dying of breast cancer..”

181937_136500989750660_6438588_n (2)

Before the Cassini-Earth-flyby, a Letter of Concern by Dr. John W. Gofman provided ample evidence showing why there is no safe dose for alpha particles emitted by the radioactive decay of plutonium. This concern has also been realized by the impact from the use of Uranium Munitions, which has caused much harm to soldiers and civilians, but especially to the young. For more resources and actions on these issues, see: Nuclear Information and Resource Service, New England Coalition, Citizens Awareness Network, Traprock Peace Center, and The Radiation and Public Health Project.


The Forbidden Cures


“There are only two mistakes
one can make along the road to truth:
Not going all the way, and not starting.”

– The Buddha

 For additional quotes and poetry:

Life Rhythms poetry blog


WINTER 2018-2019 – Youtube 30:00 – Video

Life Rhythms & Flyby News

Music and Poetry + Overview for Truth & Peace in Space.

Now That The Shift Has Hit the Fan…

It’s Time to Gather Under One Big Intent

If you think nuclear power is fool proof,

that is proof enough you are a fool.

By Swami Beyondananda

There was nothing funny about what happened in Japan earlier this month. There is great sadness about both the unavoidable tragedy, and the avoidable one. Let us be reassured, there is nothing wrong with nuclear power – unless something goes wrong, of course. And what could possibly go wrong? Technology has it all under control. And there we have what’s gone wrong. We have declared that only matter matters, and we have put our faith in the machinations of the human mind. Spirit? Who needs it? It’s immaterial. But there’s nothing like getting rear-ended by your own karma to get your attention. And if you’re paying attention, you know that in the recent battles between man and nature, man is getting his ass whupped. In other words, the human ego system is no match for the planetary ecosystem. So here is a modest proposal. Maybe it’s time to do an intervention on our species, and check ourselves into a program. We could call it Assaholics Anonymous. And there, in the privacy of being totally public, we can declare that the human mind alone can no longer run the show, and now we must surrender to a Higher Power – New Clear Power, the power of human hearts attuned to the One Heart. That would give us Heartland Security, and we wouldn’t need to worry about homeland security. So, you are probably asking, now that the shift has hit the fan, how can I upshift my karma? Well, your timing is perfect. Because my friends and co-hearts Barbara Marx Hubbard and Stephen Dinan are calling on light-minded folks everywhere to gather under one big intent: co-create the greatest field of love, resonance and social synergy in the history of the world. For more from Swami Beyondanda, see WakeUpLaughing

Updated News!

20 March, 2020 – Flyby News – Resource
The Evolution of Pandemics

03 February, 2020 – TheSilverEdge – Steve Barwick
Colloidal Silver Beats Coronavirus:
the Clinical Documentation

Video 2:11 – TheSilverEdge – Steve Barwick
How to Nebulize Colloidal Silver

26 April, 2020 – Youtube 0:08:19 – Dr. Nick Zyrowski
How Coronavirus (COVID 19) Kills Some
But Not Others – Holistic Doctor Explains

28 April, 2020 – Youtube 2:01:50 – Valuetainment
Dr Buttar Accuses Fauci, Gates & The Media
For Using COVID-19 To Drive Hidden Agenda

20 April, 2020 – Quartz – Tim McDonnell
Covid-19 cases may be undercounted by 50-
fold in LA County, antibody surveys show

16 April, 2020 – Children Health Defense – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus
by 36%
 (and Other Supporting Studies)

15 March, 2012 – Oxford – Clinical Infectious Diseases
Increased Risk of Noninfluenza Respiratory Virus Infections
Associated With Receipt of Inactivated Influenza Vaccine

06 April, 2020 – Youtube 0:41:57 – Spiro Skouras
Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates Call For
Mass Vaccination & Global Governance

10 April, 2020 – Resource – Peter Myers
Coronavirus was developed in a Wuhan lab as a BioWeapon

19 February, 2020 – Democracy Now! – War & Peace
Yale Study Says Medicare for All Would Save U.S.
$450 Billion, Prevent Nearly 70,000 Deaths a Year

15 February, 2020 – The Lancet – Study
Improving the prognosis of health care in the USA
Authors: Prof Alison P Galvani, PhD; Alyssa S Parpia, MPH;
Eric M Foster Burton H Singer, PhD; Meagan C Fitzpatrick, PhD

06 March, 2019 – Democracy Now – Rep. Pramila Jayapal
Medicare for All Will Lower Costs &
Expand Healthcare Coverage to Everyone

05 May, 2019 – FlybyNews – Jonathan Mark
Lyme Disease solutions that work for me

07 April, 2019 – CBS 60 Minutes – Bill Whitaker
Ray Dalio: wealth inequality is a national emergency

21 May, 2018 – Youtube 0:28:46 – Ray Dalio
Principles For Success by Ray Dalio

21 November, 2018 – Youtube – 0:22:23 – Garth Davis, MD
Vegan Diet: Dispelling The Biggest Myths

20 November, 2017 – Youtube – 1:17:03 – New Harbinger
Michael Singer on The Untethered Soul

Autism Parenting Magazine
Best Essential Oils for Autism and ADHD
– The Ultimate Guide –

 13 July, 2016 – PBS Newshour – Miles O’Brien
Medical marijuana research
comes out of the shadows

28 August, 2015 – Natural News – Ethan A. Huff
Watch as amazing GcMAF treatment
kills cancer cells in real time…
holistic doctors ‘suicided’ over
this stunning breakthrough

16 July, 2015 -Common Dreams – Andrea Germanos
Human Exploitation of Nature Has
Driven Planetary Health to the Edge

New report says
‘we have been mortgaging the
health of future generations’

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Flyby News Updated Health and Spiritual Blog

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Flyby News (FN) came out of the campaign to stop or expose the high risk NASA Cassini (plutonium) Earth flyby. FN's first campaign at the turn of the millennium was to prevent the expansion of the arms race and US domination of the planet with space-based weapons. Yet the theft of democracy in the US 2000 election, the Supreme Court appointment of George W. Bush as US President, and the events of September 11, 2001, led to the termination of the 1972 Ballistic Missile Treaty, along with many other actions of crimes against humanity and civil freedom. The exploitation and cover-up of September 11, 2001 led to illegal, deceptive wars, which has accelerated climate change, and the downfall of financial and social justice. Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus, and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy environment, human rights, justice, peace, and nonviolence, since the launching of NASA's Cassini space probe in 1997. Flyby News' Fair Use Policy and much more information @
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