There Is No Variant – Not Novel – No Pandemic

12 July, 2021 – Video – 1:22:47
There Is No Variant – Not Novel – No Pandemic.
Dr. David Martin With Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

From  Dr. Ross Walter :

The pandemic story is developing more and more holes, so big that you can drive fully-laden trucks through! But you won’t hear about this in your news program or read this in the newspaper… In an explosive and shocking interview linked below, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German lawyer specializing in consumer protection and medical law, interviews Dr. David Martin from M-CAM International, the world’s largest underwriting company. Dr. Martin and his team monitor and investigate many patent applications and other documents and sources for insurance purposes for many companies. He has detailed information how their investigations have uncovered mind-blowing information relating to the coronavirus and its research, development and vaccine use.

Some key points from Dr David Martin in this video interview include:

  • Over 4000 patents have been issued around SARS coronavirus which he and his team have investigated
  • The genetic sequences of the SARS-2 coronavirus were checked against patents
  • 120 patents showed that the idea of the “novel” (ie, being new) coronavirus is false – it wasn’t a new or natural virus
  • The earliest patent on the SARS coronavirus was in 1999, hence it has been known about for over 21 years!
  • The first coronavirus vaccine patent application was lodged by Pfizer, on January 28th, 2000… specifically on using its spike protein – 21 years ago. Again, it’s not new
  • Dr Anthony Fauci, the US pandemic spokesperson and expert advisor, and his organisation of NAIAD found that the coronavirus to be a potential good candidate for HIV vaccines
  • In 1999, Fauci funded research to create different and modified forms of the coronavirus 
  • In April 19th 2002, the NAIAD built (ie, created) an “infectious replication defective coronavirus”, specifically to target human lung cells. In effect Fauci made SARS, and then patented it
  • In 2002-2003, just a few months after the SARS patent, there was an outbreak of SARS coronavirus in Asia which spread around the world for a few months and resulted in the deaths of over 800 people (before dying out on its own, without any vaccine)
  • The SARS patent explicitly mentions developing specific gene sequences for the spike protein of the coronavirus to target the ACE-2 cellular receptors of human cells, and that the virus genetic sequences could be modified in the lab to create other pathogens
  • Investigations into other patents found a lot of Anthrax and other viral and bacterial pathogens were being patented through NIH, NAIAD, US military infectious diseases program and other collaborating agencies, and the coronavirus, because of its easy way to be modified, was also being seen as a biological weapon candidate – 20 years ago
  • In April 2002, the CDC lodged a patent for the entire SARS gene sequence, which was (and still is) a violation of patent rules, that patents cannot be applied on naturally occurring products or substances (such as a natural virus), only man-made or proposed inventions
  • In additional and similar patent applications the CDC lodged at that time, also included the means to detect the SARS coronavirus using real-time PCR testing. The CDC claimed that owning the virus itself AND the testing procedures was just for public interest purposes, but the patents office twice rejected the SARS gene sequence patents as “unpatentable” as the gene sequence was already in the public domain and 99.9% the same. The CDC was also fined for their application, but then they bribed the patent office as well as an additional fee to keep their patent private – which goes against their claims that the patent was for “the public interest”
  • 28th April 2003, 3 days after CDC filed their patent, Sequoia Pharmaceuticals filed a patent on antiviral agents for treatments and control of infections by coronavirus. Or in other words, the patent on the TREATMENT of coronavirus infections was lodged (and effectively available) just THREE days after the CDC patented the invented new GMO coronavirus itself!
  • And to make things worse, Sequoia lodged their coronavirus treatment patent, BEFORE the details of the CDC patent were “known” as the CDC paid for the genetic sequence to be kept secret! There was clearly collusion and criminal conspiracy between the pharmaceutical company and the CDC
  • Sequoia Pharmaceuticals was only founded in 2002, specifically for research into “novel antiviral therapeutics” especially for HIV and Hep C virus (Crunchbase, 2021). 
  • • The same thing happened again with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus – with the Moderna pharmaceuticals company getting the SARS2 genetic sequence by PHONE from the vaccine research centre in NAIAD (Fauci’s organisation again), BEFORE the definition of the SARS2 infection was determined
  • On the 5th June 2008, the US military research group DARPA started taking an interest in the coronavirus as a biological weapon, a pharmaceutical company that is now part of Sanofi, filed a series of patents on the coronavirus regarding the ACE-2 receptor and spike protein bindings. These patents were issued at the end of November 2015, which were followed by more patents in 2016-2019 covering how to create all parts of the SARS2 coronavirus
  • There was no outbreak of SARS2 as a new coronavirus, as it was known how to create it, and it was patented for commercial exploitation 73 times
  • Peter Dascak, a British zoologist and alleged expert on diseases, in 2015 was reported in the National Academies of Press publication as saying “We need to increase public understanding of the need for medical countermeasures such as a pan-coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”. Read that again! As you can see, this isn’t about health, but profit, using fear and the media to drive it. Dashak was also publicly siding with China in saying that the pandemic was not the result of a lab leak from Wuhan. He was sort of correct that it wasn’t a lab leak, but an intentional release of a GMO spike protein bioweapon to get people to take a similarly GMO pan-coronavirus vaccine
  • • There is nothing new about the coronavirus, and 73 patents issued before 2019 proves that.
  • The patent on the recombinant coronavirus was transferred from the University of North Carolina to the NIH in 2018, which Dr Martin says is suspicious. Following this in Nov 2019, the NAIAD and Moderna began the sequencing of a spike protein vaccine, one month before the SARS2 outbreak occurred. What a coincidence!
  • There are 117 patents describing the ACE-2 targeting mechanisms of the SARS2 coronavirus • In a conference on Jan 6th 2004, called “SARS and Bioterrorism”, Merck, being another of the largest pharmaceutical companies, introduced the notion of “the new normal” which became the branded campaign of the WHO in this pandemic. The WHO’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board included Fauci, representatives from the Gates Foundation, and the director of the Chinese CDC as directors of this organisation.
  • Their documented goal was to get the public to accept a universal flu vaccine and a pan-coronavirus vaccine. This board and its intentions and work has been around for a long time • In March 2019, Moderna amended 4 rejected patent applications to make mention of an intentional or deliberate release of a coronavirus, to begin the process of a coronavirus vaccine development. But at that time they did not own the technology for the lipid nanoparticle envelope that is required to deliver the mRNA fragment to the cells. Moderna tried to negotiate the rights with 2 Canadian companies who did own this technology, to put this into their proposed vaccine. Moderna also got together with the University of North Carolina to be able to get the coronavirus spike protein to put into the lipid nanoparticle for the vaccine – BEFORE we even knew about the pathogen going around
  • From 2016 to 2019, at every one of the NAIAD Advisory Council board meetings, Fauci was lamenting the fact that he couldn’t find a way to get people to accept a universal flu vaccine • In Sept 2019, Moderna’s amended patent filings mentioned “an accidental or intentional release of a respiratory pathogen”, which is a direct quote that was later used in the WHO’s “A world at risk” book, resulting from their pandemic scenario simulation in Sept 2019, just weeks before the outbreak started! The WHO book stated that we needed have a “co-ordinated global experience of a respiratory pathogen release, which by Sept 2020, MUST put in place a universal capacity for public relations management, crowd control and the acceptance of a universal vaccine mandate”
  • that we needed to have a “global  • All of these patents and their details are available for public review.  The pandemic is all about money, and not health. It’s all been planned for a long time. There are so many planned conspiracies in this entire situation, that this is not a conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. Slowly but surely the truth comes out, from people who are willing to investigate and stand up and tell the public what has been and what is really going on. And we should all stand up and say something if we suspect or know something is wrong. You can help by sharing this information too…

The interview can be watched here –
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