COVID Treatment and Health – Life Expectancy Drops

14 Sept. 2022 – FN – Dr. Mercola
US Life Expectancy Falls Again in ‘Historic’ Decline

How to Open a Mind

How Can “We Wake People Up” to the Dangers of the Covid Ja

I am frequently asked by my friends and acquaintances in what I now call the “Resistance” – those who, like myself, fight for some common sense about human liberty and the practice of medicine during the Corona War in the Age of Covid – how we can ‘wake people up’.  How we can get fellow New Zealanders to recognize that the Covid jab that has been pushed upon us is actually dangerous and unnecessary, how we can get them to understand that masking and anti-social distancing are tools for control, how we can get them to understand that the “vax apartheid” system that prevailed, under so-called emergency Covid legislation, was both immoral and unfounded in rationality.

– Dr. Emanuel Garcia

The complete article is published by Global Research.

It is a good question to ask oneself. The Mass formation interview with Mattias Desmet and Del Bigtree on the HighWire shared their perspective on speaking out in light of such deception and oppression.  However a part of his psychology left me hanging on to the wire, should psychology be considered a science? This was often questioned by my friend, Bart Jordan. His expertise is in the field of metrology, the art of measure. He had deciphered ancient languages confirming what is on Mars with coordinates to warn us about nukes. Back to our insane political world and Desmet’s book The Psychology of Totalitarianism, his criticism of science missed differentiating true and fraudulent science. This is where science and honest truth must go hand in hand, and why measure matters to prove what can be proved. A big Psy-Op RED FLAG is when the science is fake, and with an event to cause fear, and the repeating of lies with repercussions to enforce a cover-up. An objective mind is critical for finding what is true, or else you may follow the evidence you may want to find based on belief or bias. The scientific process is what is most important So, when the mainstream media suppresses debate, you can see through this and not be controlled by fear misled persuasion.

Without truth there is no justice,

and without justice, there will be no peace.

Bart Sibrel took down and reposted his latest video.

13 September, 2022 – YT (14:14) – Bart Sibrel


Following are updated links, some will be added to FN’s topics


19 Sept. 2022 – Flyby News
A Beautiful Mind – Whitney Webb +

Aug. 2022 – MedCram – Roger Seheult, MD
SARS-CoV2 Spike Protein Expression in Mice
Causes Damage via Innate Immune System

11 September, 2022 – FN – Jonathan Mark
Beyond COVID – 9-11 – Moon Truth – Psy-ops

01 March, 2019 – Economic Report
How Rockefeller Wiped Out Natural
Cures To Create Big Pharma

Updated 2021 – Kathy Dopp – Blog
COVID-19 Preventions and Treatments

22 December, 2021 – Flyby News – Dr. Mercola
World Council for Health reveals spike protein detox

The Devolution of Pandemics

Litmus Tests for Truth & Transformation

04 Aug. 2022 – Dr. Mercola
Broccoli Compound May Solve
Antibiotic Resistance Problem

23 April, 2021 – YT – 4:52 – Med Today
Glutathione foods : Increase Your Glutathione
Levels Naturally [The Principal Antioxidant]

13 Fe. 2015 – YT – 46:24 – Dr. Jaffe
Glutathione, Methylation & Nutrition

March, 2019 – Fred Burks
Chemtrails, Geoengineering

21 Nov. 2018 – YT – 0:22:23 – Dr. Davis
VEGAN DIET: Dispelling The Biggest Myths

03 May, 2022 – YT 0:57:22 – Zach Bush, MD
This Is What Everyone Gets Wrong About Protein!

12 Oct. 2021 – YT – 2:45 – Dr. Eric Berg DC
Silymarin in Milk Thistle is a Powerhouse for the Liver

23 Sept. 2019 – YT – 12:29 – Eric Berg
Gall Bladder and Bile Salts to End Bloating

10 June, 2021 – YT – 6:25 – Dr. Eric Berg DC

The Benefits of TUDCA

23 Sep. 2019 – YT – 6:17 – Eric Berg DC
5 Reasons Why You May Need More Salt in Diet

23 Dec. 2020 – YT – 4:31 –
Himalayan Salt vs. Sea Salt

11 Nov., 2018 – YT – 7:54 – Dr. Eric Berg DC
Healthy Ketogenic Diet Basics: Intermittent Fasting & Fat Burning

10 April, 2022 – MedCram (YT) – 1:21:28
Sauna Benefits Deep Dive and Optimal Use

03 May, 2022 – Flyby News 
3 Key Audiobooks to Deepen & Awaken

Time for 3rd Party – Independents Rising Up?


The unknown journey tells us of lives past,
What’s behind the sky and how long we can last.

Blight and perish, then return Creation
to your chore never ending,
Though it appears dim sometimes
because the tunnel winds,
But beyond the next bend the illumined mind
might find a permeating ray.

O’ divine mystery, naked before my thoughts,
Such grandeur and majesty, am I truly worthy?

Embracing life, colors blend,
light filters through, I am what I am.
The only death that came to be
was to that of mystery,
As life has a way of renewing and cleansing,
And with the element of growth,
the spirit will be unending.

Life Rhythms poetry & quote blog

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