Moon Truth & Waking Up!

Following is the email I sent today to Mikki Willis of the Plandemic Series, Del Bigtree of the High Wire and Informed Consent Action Network, and Children’s Health Defense. Such media leaders of the health freedom movement were instrumental in stopping vaccine passports, mandates, and the tyranny that would have been upon us without their and supporters’ efforts. 

I am sharing this to encourage you to expand our efforts to help awaken ourselves and humanity to see through ongoing psy-ops throughout our lifetime to give freedom, truth, and democracy a chance to sustain life and for harmony in our world.

—– Forwarded Message —–

Subject: why moon truth is proven and key for waking people up

Dear Mikki and Del,

Thank you for all the great work on health science. Del, your passionate voice and being on the HighWire works like therapy for me.. as you put into words much of what I am feeling and learning about the sham health science industry. Mikki, your work helps us to plainly see through the Plandemic. It is the psy-op in our current time.

However, most people are still hypnotized by the mainstream media, their cognitive dissonance, pride and ego. What will wake up the majority of people to make the great change happen? After almost 25 years in this fight with the military industrial congressional intelligence media academia think-tank complex, I am convinced it will be the truth about the U.S. faking landing men on the moon last Century. They still cannot do this today and their attempts will fail, or at least show it was staged in a military film studio on Earth with the use of media and robotic missions last Century.

I realize why you both probably stayed away from this topic. You get enough putdowns simply claiming the truth of a corrupt government health science agenda. But if you really looked into this other issue you would find even more proof of the fake moon landing hoax than the Plandemic. It is important to expose the current transhumanist agenda and (sic) health control policies. But if there is definitive PROOF of the moon landing hoax, would not that show how the devolution of pandemics is not in our interest for life and truth and all the other psy-ops? 

Please listen or read Bart Sibrel’s book, Moon Man – The True Story of a Filmmaker on the U.S. Hit List. At Sibrel’s website are links to interactive videos that are referred to in his book. If you go through the book and watch the videos I am sure you will agree with me on the hard evidence and reality of such a lie, that if exposed, will wake humanity to our whole lifetime of ongoing psy-ops and efforts to suppress truth and freedom for all..

I hope someday Flyby News will be on your agenda to evaluate such connections to the key updated topics we cover. Instead of just looking back at individual expertise to limited topics, it could open an understanding to break the spell of brainwashing.. but it will take an integrated support and it is critical for truth leaders on the current psy-ops to connect the dots to help awaken a clear majority in our world. Then democracy will have a chance to overcome those fixing the agendas based on lies and corruption.

Thanks.. I hope this reaches you and that you investigate beyond what you already have..


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