Excess Mortality & COVID

Dr. Robert Malone is a person of interest for those choosing to understand the background and use of mRNA so-called vaccines, and the actual facts, repercussions, and questions about them.

“The More Doses – the more likely

you will be hospitalized or die.”

MRNA vaccines pushed by the CIA

11 January, 2023 – YT 16:34 – Dr. John Campbell

31 Oct. 2022 – YT 22:40 – Dr. J. Campbell
US Senate, COVID-19 lab origin most likely

12 June, 2022 – 50:16 – Edward Dowd
CV19 Vax Deadliest Fraud in History

26 October, 2022 – Flyby News – Dr. Mercola
Mad Scientists Create Coronavirus With 80% Lethality in Mice

CHD 7:22 – RFK, Jr.
It’s Time to Follow the Science

01 Oct. 2022 – FN – Mercola
New Booster Sets off up to 98x the Adverse Events It Fixes

29 Sept. 2022 – Oracle Films (55:24)
Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion

29 July, 2022 – Dr. Trozzie – Dr. Pierre Kory

How to help the “vaccine” injured.

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