Pfizer Vaxx Adverse Events + Feds & Media

The video to Jimmy Dore on YouTube is refreshingly honest and personable, while reporting on Vaxx adverse events published by Pfizer. It takes a comedian to break news with a gasp.. (looking into reality) and yet helps to maintain our sanity and humanity.

The Defender article by Megan Redshaw is important with hard evidence showing the government interfering with our health by paying mainstream media for misleading information. I am learning much of the CIA’s media influences from Bart Sibrel’s book, “Moon Man – The True Story of a Filmmaker on the CIA Hit List.” I look forward to reviewing it for FN. The connections to truth go deep, as documented in FN’s 2012 film compilation: Dark Legacy – JFK & 9-11


09 March, 2022 – Jimmy Dore – YouTube 7:50 RT

Pfizer Releases LONG List Of
Over 1000 Vaxx Adverse Events

09 March, 2022 – CHD – Defender – Megan Redshaw

Feds Secretly Paid Media to Promote COVID Shots

28 February, 2022 – FN – Dr. Judy Mikovits
What to Do If You Have Already Taken the COVID-19 Vaccine

08 March, 2022 – Dr. Mercola
The Great Reset’s 5G Cyborg Ecosystem

26 Feb. 2022 – YouTube 12:29
Parallel Society vs Totalitarianism
How to Create a Free World

07 March, 2022 – Health News
Moderna Patented Key COVID Spike
Protein Sequence in 2016

01 March, 2022 – Jimmy Dore 27:18
What the Media Is HIDING About Ukraine/Russia

04 March, 2022 – FN – Maajid Nawaz – Dr. Mercola

Understanding Today’s Hybrid War

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The HighWire with Del Bigtree
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Resources – Flyby News
The Devolution of Pandemics

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