Lyme Disease solutions that work for me

I was diagnosed with being exposed to Lyme disease when my arm blew up and got tested. I took the Doxycycline prescribed antibiotic for about 18 days; they said I should take it up to 21 days. That antibiotic wiped me out.. I had to stop taking it as I felt my body shutting down. I also had candida years ago that was pretty intense. So I took plenty of probiotics, good flora to regain balance in my gut. I hear many immunity factors are around in this region. I felt that what is called spirochetes were not eliminated from my body. This is the reason I started looking for natural antibiotics and other ways to recover and prevent Lyme or chronic Lyme disease.

Today I took a walk down from where I live down a rugged dirt rocky road that runs through the Warwick state forest, and hiked to Black Swamp. There are benefits to cool damp weather at this time when black flies are often too numerous to count. I had my white socks over my pant legs, as prevention is often better than any cure.. And there are many suggestions to repel those buggers.. Yet sometimes one cannot prevent getting such a virus inside us. I heard Lyme could also be injected into our bodies from a mosquito bite. Sharing from our experience is to me an important part of being part of a community. Strengthening our immune system is key for fighting and recovering from pathogens inside our bodies.

From my work with Flyby News, especially after the horrendous BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico I learned of the work of Leonard Horowitz and his promotion of using colloidal silver (cs) in fighting pathogens. I interviewed him and Sherri Kane in 2010 at Greenfield Community Television. I found Oxysilver to be effective and too expensive. So, in searching for another source I found a health journalist, Steve Barwick, who used to sell a variety of generators for making one’s own cs, but decided on only one that has been built to last a lifetime, and produces silver particles about .08 nanometer in size. (A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.) generator kit comes with two .9999 pure silver rods. All one has to do is to insert the rods into the generator and place in a quart jar of distilled water, and it has a hose that blows bubbles with very low wattage used. In three hours it will produce 7-10 ppm nano colloidal silver. The small size helps it to be absorbed and eliminated from the body safely and effectively.


How it works. According to Barwick “..catalytic oxidation is the first of three known mechanisms utilized by silver to kill infectious microorganisms. Here are the three:

1.) Catalytic oxidation – a powerful burst of nascent oxygen from the surface of the silver particle stuns and disables the pathogen’s defenses, removing needed hydrogen atoms from the surface membrane and causing sulfur atoms to bond in such a way that respiration is blocked and the pathogen ultimately expires.

2.) Reaction with the cell membrane – if the pathogen remains alive in spite of the intense damage caused by the oxygen burst, the silver ions themselves then attach to the surface membrane of the pathogen, further impairing cellular respiration and blocking its energy transfer system so repair cannot take place.

3.) Binding with the DNA – The silver then penetrates the cell wall of the pathogen and binds to its DNA, further preventing it from replicating and spreading throughout the body.

It’s this “one-two-three punch” that makes colloidal silver so effective against infectious microorganisms of every sort, whether bacterial, viral or fungal..”

The silver solutions retains its structure for at least a year if kept out of light and at room temperature. You can put a little in a spray bottle. I find it is helpful for mosquito bites and other skin irritations. I recommend reading much at web site for more details on its uses, how much of a recommended dose, and references and testimonials regarding cs. Also, for an effective skin care product I recommend (another site and Company) using nano silver particles in a much greater concentration by tens of thousands of times for topical use only. 

Following are some reference inks used in the above. 

“How the World’s #1 Best-Selling Colloidal Silver Generator Compares to All the Rest”

14 August, 2019 – CounterPunch – Karl Grossman
Lyme Disease and Biowarfare

Lyme: The Government Has Been Making Bugs More Deadly
Analysis by
Dr. Joseph Mercola March 15, 2023 –


March, 2019 – World Affairs – Chris Kanthan
How Rockefeller Founded Modern
Medicine And Killed Natural Cures

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