The Evolution of Diet and Well Being

First, a disclaimer: This information is not medical advice. Every body has its own requirements and status. Food is a source of nourishment, but can also be related to our emotions, upbringing, conditioning, ethnicity, and psychological happenstance. I believe we learn from where we are and what helps us feel better or worse, and we can keep adjusting our diet to improve our well being. The following are about my own experience, which could also be helpful to you.

What inspired this post is from a change of perspective on diet by Dr. Mercola. This article below is titled “Why You May Need More Carbs in Your Diet” and shows his adaptability to keep learning from others and from new research with studies to back up ideas about food and diet.

I never fully agreed with Dr. Mercola, as I also follow my intuition and find how my body can adapt without the need to eat animals. From my childhood where I would eat a steak to get strong, being a football player and growing up in the 1950’s my diet had way too much meat, sugar and fats. Around 14 years old my appendix became gangrene and had to be removed. When I left football and my first year of college, I lived for a summer on peanut butter and honey, and still had that weakness with dairy and ice cream. Finally I found alternatives and after going through many detoxification issues, and dis-ease from candida and Lyme disease. I needed to heal myself and not just be in my head or mind, but in my totality. This is an ongoing process, so I try to learn from many perspectives, and have applied intermittent fasting, lots of greens, I grow broccoli sprouts, I like making my own kombucha and sauerkraut, and love harvesting nettles in the spring and taking in green foods that make me feel better. I learn from the consensus around me, but then try and see what happens.

I started using the supplement, Cardio Miracle when quite a few of the scientists that exposed the toxic spike protein jab’s impact, recommended it. They said the Nitric Oxide that it generated was good for you. So when learning from the new Mercola perspective that it may not, I wrote to Dr. Judy Mikovits, and hope to get more of her thoughts on this. In the meantime, I am still using the supplement at least in the morning, and get really good feelings from it. So, diet is an evolving issue, where I believe we can all learn from one another, but especially from ourselves, to see what works and fails for our life energy.

The consensus still is that Omega 6 oils, Glyphosate, Mercury, high fructose corn syrup, many processed foods, too much seed oils (especially GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are best to avoid. But I also think that evolving from an animal-based diet is good too, but one needs to go at their own pace and how their body is feeling. Just recently I learned of a scientific reason why this is true, as this video describes.

13 May, 2021 – YT – 0:22:48 – MedCram

Before coming to the recent Mercola analysis article, here are more FN links on related issues:

21 Feb. 2023 – Peter McCullough, MD
Dissolution of Spike Protein by Nattokinase

Natto – NYrture Food
Fresh Ancient Japanese soulfood
Modern day superfood

I purchased Natto fresh as described in the above video link, which provides perhaps the best source for vitamin K2 than any other food, it also has wonderful probiotic elements. And getting it fresh makes it taste good especially when added to my garlic, olive oil, apple cider vinegar dressings. Sometimes I add raw almond butter or tahini to the mix, and spirulina and other helpful foods. I get plenty of protein from shiitake mushrooms, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. Years ago I followed the advice from the book, “Fit for Life” which describes the importance of natural cycles in the day for eating, absorbing nourishment, and for elimination. It suggested just eating fruit in the morning, and meals from noon to sunset, and then mostly fasting to empower a good time for absorbing nourishment and removing waste. Nano Colloidal Silver has been helpful for me in eliminating pathogens in my body without harmful side effects, like what happens when using conventional antibiotics. Of course vitamin D, sunshine and good water are critical for our well being.

05 May, 2019 – Jonathan Mark
Lyme Disease solutions that work for me

04 May, 2022 – YT (13:50) – Eric Berg
The #1 BEST Nutrient for Autoimmune Conditions

21 Jan. 2022 – (1:56:09) – Roger Seheult, MD
Sunlight: Optimize Health and Immunity
(Light Therapy and Melatonin)

23 April, 2021 – YT – 4:52 – Med Today
Glutathione foods : Increase Your Glutathione
Levels Naturally [The Principal Antioxidant]

09 Jan. 2023 – FN – Jeff Hays
Nitric Oxide – need to know

26 Jan.2022 – 28:01 – Eric Berg
Top 13 Causes of Inflammation: And How to Treat it Naturally

May, 2022 – YT – 11:22 – Ryan Taylor
The TOP 8 Vitamins For Liver Repair
(Fatty Liver)

27 April, 2023 – YT – 0:28:54 – MedCram
Low Carb Diets: Mortality and Diabetes Long Term Data

Why You May Need More Carbs in Your Diet

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola


Story at-a-glance

  • A ketogenic diet can be very useful initially when transitioning people who are metabolically inflexible. However, continuing in ketosis long term can lead to problems, including stubborn weight gain or the inability to lose unwanted weight
  • The reason for this has to do with cortisol. Your body needs glucose, and when deprived for too long, your body will release cortisol to stimulate the production of glucose by your liver. Cortisol also promotes inflammation and central obesity, so you don’t want chronically elevated cortisol levels
  • Your metabolic rate is strongly affected by the type of sugar you consume. High fructose corn syrup promotes ill health while whole fruit, raw honey and pure organic cane sugar are readily metabolized without promoting weight gain
  • When adding in more carbs, you also need to reduce your fat intake to avoid elevating your triglycerides
  • Restricting dietary fat and/or blocking the oxidation of fat inside of the cell have strong therapeutic effects against cancer by forcing the cell out of its excessive fatty acid oxidation state

In this interview, Georgi Dinkov and I continue our discussion about diet, diving into some of the finer details that can make or break your health. Dinkov is a student of Ray Peat, who passed away around Thanksgiving 2022, leaving behind a legacy of iconoclastic wisdom on how to optimize biological health.

First published at 18:23 UTC on May 17th, 2023.- RT 1:41:08

For example, a ketogenic diet can be very useful initially when transitioning people who are metabolically inflexible, which is about 95% of the population of the United States. So, in the short term, the vast majority of people can benefit from going keto. However, if you continue in ketosis long term, you’re going to run into problems..

Complete article in this PDF file:

Much more information is compiled in the FN health blog with recommended products and on the inner elements for health and well being.

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