Understanding What We’re Up Against

12 June, 2022 – FN – Dr. Mercola
The Past 2 Years, a Picnic Compared to What’s Coming?

This following was sent to the email list of Flyby News that links to an interview by Dr. Joseph Mercola with Patrick Wood of Citizens for Free Speech. Patrick Wood became aware of planning for a shift of power by elites to control humanity in 1992 with a plan drawn up at a climate conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, known as Agenda 21. He believes the climate issue is not legitimate. However, the powers pushing for population control really did not want a sustainable revolution, as their choice for energy and weapons are linked with the fossil fuel industries. However both Wood and myself agree that the Great Reset is a devolved military-economic-psychological operation to place the world under a lockdown for the control of health and population management by those pulling the switches to overwhelm populations with fear and for their technocracy agenda. 

10 Dec. 2021 – FN – Mercola – Catherine Austin Fitts
Planet Lockdown Part 2: The Financial Control System

The Mercola-Wood discussion offered some helpful tips on what we can do, and the realization that those awake to what is going on is a tiny minority of the population. This is why Flyby News is calling for an independent movement to try to create a democracy in the U.S. beyond the two-Party system, which so effectively executes the elitist plan for dividing and conquering we, the people.

Patrick Wood mentioned the Crimes Against Humanity Tour USA and how few people attended their opening events. But even more disheartening is the alert I received from Dr. Judy Mikovits in her newsletter about it. 

“..After doing everything we could to correct the errors and get transparency, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Patrick Wood also felt they had no choice but to leave the tour. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Patrick Wood and I are committed to stay on track as the new Crimes Against Humanity Task Force to bring to light the truth and facts about the crimes committed and to lead this battle for justice..”

This is a pretty dark issue even for Flyby News. But on the bright side of life miracles continue undiminished. As Eckhart Tolle wrote:

Death is not the opposite of life.

Life has no opposite.

The opposite of Death is Birth.

Life is Eternal.

Three Key Audiobooks to Deepen & Awaken

Without truth there is no justice,

and without justice, there will be no peace.

I have friends who believe there is no truth. People make up their own sense of perception of what that is. And while in fear and in being lost to who we truly are, we can produce a false perception. This is why keeping an open mind is so important and to keep looking deeper to what is, within and around us.

05 June, 2022 – FN – Jonathan Mark
Resisting Medical Tyranny Over Decades

Yesterday my friend’s neighbor thought things would be a heck of a lot better if Trump remained in office, and the January 6 events were being exaggerated. I recommend everyone to watch the public hearings of the January 6 investigation. Voting is our best chance for eventually having a democracy. We need to get rid of the electoral voting system and make it one person gets one vote. This would reduce the political control over democracy and reduce the money involved in controlling it. Yet fear is what is mainly controlling people, and the only antidote to that is love or what is true about our oneness. And yet those with this attitude are a minority. The media propaganda is misleading humanity toward its end. Yet in the moment the future is born.. so anything is possible.

Time for 3rd Party – Independents Rising Up

Truth is so obscure in these times,

and falsehood so established, that,

unless we love the truth,

we cannot know it.

– Blaise Pascal


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The Devolution of Pandemics

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7 Responses to Understanding What We’re Up Against

  1. 7dnbrnc53 says:

    I agree with this, except the part about Voting being our best chance. Believing in voting is one reason why we are in this mess.

    Mark Passio has a great video on why goverment is slavery:

    People who believe in voting are like people who want healing in their body while not wanting to exercise and change their diet.

  2. flybynews says:

    I guess your answer to an alternative for electing a government is anarchy. Ideally that would be fine, but that most always would lead toward authoritarian and totalitarian control.. The U.S. never has had a real democracy.. Perhaps if we can truly become a more perfect union, or reclaim a lost USA Republic, then after a majority making a decision we could evolve toward a consensus on no government. That would not happen in our lifetimes. Ideals can become tyrannical. Good Luck!

    • 7dnbrnc53 says:

      Well, that, or egalitarianism: http://www.newdemocracyworld.org/

      And, anarchy would be better because it means no rulers, not no rules (and, it isn’t chaos like the media wants you to believe). The problem in society has to do with belief in human authority. That has to end. No masters, no slaves.

  3. Bookstooge says:

    Did you copy/paste your title instead of typing it in? That is usually why the “obj” issue comes up. THere is an “object” that is invisible and isn’t text if you copy/pasted. If you didn’t copy/paste, wait to see what the mods at the forums have to say.

    If you edit the title by “control a, delete” and then type in the title with your keyboard, does that obj still come back?

  4. flybynews says:

    It is usually okay in text.. which is how I often publish Dr. Mercola’s articles that he offers others to use, as he removes them after 48 hours. But now I have learned that copy and paste is not okay for the title section, which become the permalink part of the address..Thanks much for commenting.

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