Pathways for Transformation

Since the 1999 NASA “flyby” of Earth, Flyby News has been revealing the risk of going along with the agenda of the military industrial complex. The first victim is truth. So when most media support lies or disinformation, and do not logically investigate the obvious circumstances, it is time for independent news for life’s survival in the 21st Century.

The blizzard of misinformation that is now inundating our democracy will end only when the government and the media start telling the truth to Americans. – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Updated – Flyby News Endorses
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. For U.S. President in 2024

18 May, 2023 – Flyby News
RFK Lost Generation, found again?

Please support this campaign to give peace a chance: [Two-Page PDF]

28 May, 2023 – YT 15:15 – Russell Brand

JFK Assassination 1963 Coup D’etat

15 May, 2023 – Substack – Charles Eisenstein

 A Major Life Change

19 May, 2023 – Flyby News update
“A Common Bridge for All Americans”
– RFK, Jr.

NEVER AGAIN ~ Was a Warning


Children’s Health Defense:
Five-Part Series by Vera Sharav

27 April, 2023 – FN – Jonathan Mark
Football – COVID – Death & Awakening

More Resources

FN’s Health and Spiritual Blog

15 March, 2022 – Flyby News
Moon Man Review by Jonathan Mark

Updated – Flyby News – Bart Jordan
Evidence of Advanced Ancient Civilizations

Dark Legacy – JFK & 9-11 is a film compilation that tackles four major conspiracies: JFK assassination, Federal Reserve, Apollo Lunar Missions, and 9-11. Once you break through an evidence-based reality into any of these conspiracies, identifying a cover-up becomes easier. You get more used to overcoming one’s own cognitive dissonance to see evidence beyond a fixed world view. The film is meant to help awaken us before it’s too late, and our reality comes to a dead end in times of universal deceit.

Dark Legacy – JFK & 9-11

Space for Peace & September 11

Connecting dots to democracy or genocide

  3 Key Audiobooks to Deepen & Awaken

Litmus Tests for Truth & Transformation

Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus,
and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy
environment, human rights, justice, and nonviolence,
since the launch of NASA’s Cassini space probe in 1997.

News Fit to Transmit in the Post Cassini Flyby Era

About FlybyNews

Flyby News (FN) came out of the campaign to stop or expose the high risk NASA Cassini (plutonium) Earth flyby. FN's first campaign at the turn of the millennium was to prevent the expansion of the arms race and US domination of the planet with space-based weapons. Yet the theft of democracy in the US 2000 election, the Supreme Court appointment of George W. Bush as US President, and the events of September 11, 2001, led to the termination of the 1972 Ballistic Missile Treaty, along with many other actions of crimes against humanity and civil freedom. The exploitation and cover-up of September 11, 2001 led to illegal, deceptive wars, which has accelerated climate change, and the downfall of financial and social justice. Flyby News is educational and nonviolent in focus, and has supported critical campaigns for a healthy environment, human rights, justice, peace, and nonviolence, since the launching of NASA's Cassini space probe in 1997. Flyby News' Fair Use Policy and much more information @
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