MLK – Bart Jordan – Yemen – Updated News

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04 April, 2015 – MLK – Bart Jordan – Yemen – Updated News

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world:
My own Government, I can not be Silent.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Editor’s Notes: Following are updated links at Flyby News. At the time of posting I am thinking about the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. forty-seven years ago. The power of his truth will always remain with us. And thank goodness Iran and the US has negotiated a settlement without more destructive war. We will see what Congress does with this, and Israel. Meanwhile Yemen is being torn to shreds. Saudi Arabia is bombing, and this dictatorship-led country gets its weapons from the USA. This good for business-foreign policy is far from civilized. Note the new article I posted by Bart Jordan, “Old Measures New Ideas.” I will be interviewing him again soon. If he is new to you, start with the 20:30 excerpt beginning from the 0:37:30 mark of the latest Flyby News program – “Beyond Moss Brook – No Fracking Way! + Bart Jordan Timesinger” on youtube and on community television. Also later this month with Bart Jordan we will be producing a program with Harry Jordan from Omaha Nebraska, not a relative, but a director of the Mars Project out there. If you link to Old Measures New Ideas, you will find more than just this article that was originally published in 1988 in the New England Antiquities Research Association’s Journal . There’s artwork, charts, images, letters of support, and more following the article. We are all living and learning, and truth is critical to regain a balance with life and sharing with Mother Earth and our Universe.

“Our future is in the past
with no escape present.”

– Bart Jordan

BJ art 4


Updated – Flyby News – WordPress
Martin Luther King & Masters of War
“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world:
My own Government, I can not be Silent.”

01 April, 2015 – Flyby News – WordPress
“Old Measures New Ideas”
by Bart Jordan +

Above article was published in the New England Antiquities
Research Association’s Journal Volume XXII, No 3 & 4
Winter/Spring 1988. Plus I added some photos and
images by Bart. This article will be discussed
in forthcoming interviews with Bart and Harry
Jordan regarding what was placed on and
around Mars for us to understand a
Harmony of Spheres.”

04 April, 2015 – Global Research – Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Yemen and The Militarization
of Strategic Waterways

31 March, 2015 – PressTV – Kevin Barrett
Zionist ‘Arab’ regimes attack Yemen

29 March, 2015 – ICH – Ron Paul
Yemen Exploding: Is the
Stage Set for the Big War?

26 March, 2015 – Common Dreams – Jon Queally
As Saudi Arabia and Allies Continue
Airstrikes, Sorrow and Rage in Yemen

28 March, 2015 – AE911truth – Richard Gage
Resolution Calls Upon the AIA to
Support a New WTC 7 Investigation

Should the American Institute of Architects
support a new investigation into the
complete collapse of WTC 7?

55 Architects Submit Resolution to be
Voted on at the AIA National Convention

13 March, 2015 – Democracy Now! – War and Peace
Should McDonald’s & Monsanto
Have the Same Rights as People?
A Debate on Corporate Personhoods

12 March, 2015
Ex-U.S. Official: With Iran Letter, “Reckless”
GOP Places Middle East Hegemony over Security

24 February, 2015
As Netanyahu Tries to Stop U.S.-Iran Deal,
Leaked Cables Show Israeli Spies Reject Claims

25 February, 2015 – Global Research – Julie Lévesque
25 Facts About the Pharmaceutical
Industry, Vaccines and “Anti-Vaxers”

22, 24 February, 2015 – RT
Fresh leak at Fukushima
sees 70-fold radiation spike

February, 2015 – Democracy Now!
Black History Month
Black Lives Matter
24 February, 2015
50 Years After Murder, Malcolm X Remembered
by Daughter Ilyasah Shabazz & Friend A. Peter Bailey

26 February, 2015 – Global Research – Rachael Boothroyd
Venezuelan Opposition Mayor,
Alias “The Vampire,” Arrested
for Role in Blue Coup Plot

16 February, 2015 – Stephen Lendman
Britain and Canada Involved in
Foiled US Venezuelan Coup Plot

19 February, 2015 – Global Research – Prof Michel Chossudovsky
Obama’s “Fake War” against the Islamic State
The Islamic State is Protected by the US and its Allies

12 February, 2015 – Global Research – Mark Taliano
Truth Beneath The Lies: The West
Finances, Organizes, Trains
Fundamentalist Proxy Forces
in its Illegal Wars

10 February, 2015 – Common Dreams – Pat Mooney
Why we shouldn’t fund geoengineering experiments,
and what we still need to learn about the climate

08 February, 2015 – WordPress – Flyby News
Update on Bart Jordan and
Satellites of Mars Table
– Britannica Archive –

30 January, 2015 – We Are Change – Youtube
The Highest Ranking Politician
That Believes In Aliens

In the above video Luke Rudkowski interviews the first
and only cabinet-ranking official from a G8 nation
to publicly state a belief in extraterrestrials.

09 February, 2015 – Democracy Now! – Amy Goodman
Exclusive: Freed CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou
Says “I Would Do It All Again” to Expose Torture

07 February, 2015 – Fusion – Daniel Rivero
In his first interview since leaving prison,
CIA torture whistleblower says it was ‘worth it’

06 February, 2015 – Democracy Now! – War and Peace
Exclusive: Deported Palestinian Scholar Sami
Al-Arian on His Chilling Post-9/11 Prosecution

03 February, 2015
Is Ukraine a Proxy Western-Russia War?
U.S. Weighs Arming Kiev as Violence Soars

03 February, 2015
The New Arab Cold War: U.S. Policy Sows Conflict,
Unrest Across the Middle East and North Africa

04 February, 2015
Johann Hari: Everything We Know About
the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong

06 February, 2015 – WantToKnow – Fred Burks
Media Articles Reveal Hidden
Risks, Dangers of Vaccines

04 February, 2015 – Global Research – Washington’s Blog
New Saudi King Tied to Al Qaeda,
Bin Laden and Islamic Terrorism

30 January, 2015 – Global Research – Stephen Lendman
The Forbidden Truth: Islamic State (ISIS)
recruiter admits getting funds from America

23 August, 2014 – Youtube – Real News
The Powers Behind The Islamic State
Investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed gives specific
examples of how Saudi, Qatari, and American interests
have supported the group formerly known as ISIS..0:21:18

28 January, 2015 – MoveOn – Jo Comerford
TPP = NAFTA on steroids
Youtube – 0:02:26
Robert Reich takes on the
Trans-Pacific Partnership

28 January, 2015 – Gasland – Josh Fox
Video of the Week
Are The Government Fracking Us Over?
Russell Brand The Trews

27 January, 2015
Published on Youtube

26 January, 2015 – Common Dreams – Jon Queally
As European Left Cheers, Syriza Vows to
Move Swiftly To End Greek ‘Nightmare’

27 January, 2015 – Global Research – Paul Craig Roberts
Russia In The Cross Hairs. Washington’s
Threats have moved Into the Realm of Insanity

22 January, 2015 – WhoWhatWhy – Douglas Lucas
Barrett Brown Sentenced to 5 Years,
After Facing More Than a Century

A feisty, confrontational journalist who exposed
explosive details about the machinations of
the national security apparatus has been
sentenced to 5 years and 3 months.

22 January, 2015 – WND – Jerome R. Corsi
Admiral: U.S. could have
ousted Gadhafi peacefully

Brokered deal but Obama chose
to arm al-Qaida-linked ‘rebels’

22 January, 2015 – Global Research – George Eliason
“Je Suis Donetsk”: Ukraine Army Attacks
Bus and Trolley in Center of Donetsk.
13 Killed including Children

18 January, 2015 – Global Research – Michel Chossudovsky
State Sponsored Terrorism: Who Was
Behind the Charlie Hebdo Paris Attacks?

With Bonnie Faulkner and Guns and Butter on KPFA

08 January, 2015 – Global Research – Joachim Hagopian
Just As The Islamic State (ISIL)
Gets Exposed As A Fake US Enemy, A
“Wag the Dog” Terrorist Attack in Paris?

17 January, 2015 – SCG
Charlie Hebdo – The
Hidden Agenda Exposed

We don’t have to speculate as to how this event
is going to be used. It has already started.

09 January, 2015 – Storm Clouds Gathering
2015 – The Dangers Ahead

22 January, 2015 – Democracy Now! – War and Peace
Inside the U.S. Torture Chambers:
Prisoners Guantánamo Diary Details
Twelve Years of Abuse, Terror

15 January, 2015 -Democracy Now! – Joseph Hickman
Did Gitmo “Suicides” Cover Up Murder?
U.S. Sgt. Speaks Out on Deaths
& Prison’s Secret CIA Site

13 January, 2015 – Common Dreams – Nadia Prupis
‘Failure of Conscience’: Groups Urge Congress
to Fund Social Well-Being, Not Fossil Fuel Industry

22 November 2014 – WarIsCrime – Francis Richard Conolly
Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick
The Documentary
Watch on Youtube – 3:27:55
Posted 19 November, 2014

04 January, 2015 – Global Research – Carla Stea
The UN Anti-Nazi Resolution, the
Prague Declaration and the History of
“US Accommodation with Nazism”

31 December, 2014 – Global Research – Rodrigue Tremblay
2015: “Year of the Militaristic Neocons”:
Looming Global Financial Crisis and Wars?

04 October, 2012 – Youtube – RealEconTV
The Shale Gas Shell Game
Short sighted, short lived wells

Love Creation and Created
Honour Moon, Sun, and Planet
Obey Time and Space
Obey Sound and Light
Honour Earth, Star, and Comet
Love Finite and Infinite

We have inherited more than the wind.

We have a measure of Man’s mind.

– Bart Jordan

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